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    Olympics Marketing, Link Building and Marketing Content of the Week

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Home Runs of the WeekDue to the series of social media scandals which defined the 2012 Olympic games, the world has been buzzing about social media this week. It was definitely a tough week to pick just 5 pieces of content on inbound marketing technique, SEO and social media. From the best Olympics marketing campaigns to thorough guide on using Pinterest and Powerpoint in tandem, here are some cont that we felt took the gold.

    3 Way to Use Social Media to Improve Your Search Rankings

    Social media and search engine optimization are important pillars of any great inbound marketing strategy, but the two pillars don't have to be completely independant. Your social media strategy can be adjusted for search optimization with some truly innovative ideas shared on the Social Media Examiner. From finally embracing a business Google+ page as a social search tool to keeping close tabs on your Twitter followers, readers learn how to streamline your efforts. As an added bonus, IMA President Bill Faeth made a surprise appearance in this home run of the week. See if you can find Bill here!

    How to Use Pinterest and Powerpoint to Drive Traffic and Leads to Your Company Website

    We were hooked on this original, informative content from Spark Inbound Marketing from the moment we saw the subheader, "Pinterest and Powerpoint Are a Match Made in B2B Marketing Heaven." Powerpoint has gained attention in recent weeks as an easy and convenient tool for eBook creation. From developing an irresistable offer to designing a pinnable landing page, learn how to quickly drive traffic to your website and convert these visitors into real leads through the simple combination of Pinterest and Powerpoint. Get the whole story here.

    The 100% Fool Proof Way to Increase Credible Inbound Links to Your Site

    Inbound links are nothing to sneeze at. Google isn't very good about sharing their search algorithms secrets, but inbound links matter a lot more than your on-page SEO strategy. Increasing inbound links is essential for your search ranking, but smart companies can't get away with buying links or keyword stuffing anymore. Wordpress wizard David Wells argues that guest posts are the most reliable way to build high-quality inbound links in your industry, and offers some tips for getting started with sharing content. Learn how to get started.

    Blogging Statistics, Facts and Figures in 2012

    Marketing guru Jeff Bullas hit a home run this week with some curated content, a blogging infographic sources from blogging.org. We're crazy about both the information-packed graphic and Bullas' thoughts on how blogging has evolved since the 1990's. From the rising popularity of Livejournal to the recent sale of Huffington Post for over $300 million, Bullas curated a truly information-packed post on how the science of blogging has grown in less than two decades. Whether you're hoping for some guidance on curating your own content or just hoping to learn a little more, this infographic post is among the most worthwhile we saw this week. Dig in here.

    7 Awesome Olympics Campaigns to Inspire Your Marketing

    Most of the world has been a little distracted by the London 2012 Olympics this past week, from Michael Phelps' record-breaking 19th Olympic medal to the series of social media disasters which have defined these current games. Some of the most interesting Olympics content actually occurs in between events, during the commercial break. The Hubspot blog took a look at some of the visible marketing campaigns which have made a splash at the game and provides guidance on how small businesses can emulate the ads' success. While you might not be able to match the marketing budgets of Mini, Samsung and Nike, you can take inspiration from their innovative marketing. Start your engine here.

    Did your blog deliver any great content this week? Share in the comments, and we'll pass on some link love in next weeks' post!

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