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    5 Killer Mobile Apps for Small Business Owners

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    5 Mobile Apps You Need

    Using a smartphone to engage with fans and followers on major social media networks is second nature for many inbound marketers. From sending Tweets to using instagram, smartphone apps are getting better all the time. Some experts even estimate that mobile devices will outnumber humans by the end of 2012. If you're looking to take your smartphone beyond Facebook and Twitter for mobile, check out some of the best mobile apps for small business owners.

    Link Juice

    Inbound links count a lot more than on-page SEO strategy when it comes to your website's overall search engine ranking. If you're looking to keep close tabs on your site's authority on the go or discover which sites are giving you SEO love, download Link Juice. For just $1.99 this App for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches yields a trove of data on your site's SEO standing. The information you can obtain by downloading Link Juice includes linking sources, backlinks, page authority and anchor text. For SEO on the go, few mobile apps for small business owners can compete with Link Juice.


    iSeo is a comprehensive SEO source for apple products. If you tend to write blog content on the go, you won't find the $1.99 price tag attached to this tool a waste. ISEO will quickly allow you to scope out the keyword density of content, including published web pages from around the Internet. One of iSEO's best features is the fact that users can keep close tabs on an unlimited amount of domains. Reviews on the app are strong, with exclusively 5-star rankings attached to the user reviews of iSEO. If you are interested in tracking keyword density, this is one of the top mobile apps for small business owners.


    TED was initially an educationally-focused non-profit organization dedicated to educating citizens on technology, entertainment and design. The scope of the organization has significantly expanded over the years, and the website serves as a hub for thought leadership in nearly every industry. While the free TED app won't give you real-time feedback on your company's on-page keyword strategy or allow you to schedule Tweets, it can expand your view significantly. Whether you're hoping to get ahead of industry trends or learn something new about a topic of interest, TED can become a source of reputable, interesting information on the go. TED is among the best mobile apps for small business owners because it's free and educational.


    Small business owners are always looking for ways to streamline their social media monitoring, and if your company hasn't adopted HootSuite, you should try out the mobile app. Tweeting around the clock is essential for small businesses, especially if they are hoping to engage a global market. HootSuite allows small business owners to schedule Tweets far in advance, allowing them to keep engaging with Twitter followers even while they sleep. Best of all, HootSuite is available for Android phones in addition to Apple products. HootSuite is one of the best mobile apps for small business owners who want to maintain an active social media presence and still unplug once in a while.


    One thing that unites every inbound marketer is the fact that they have to keep track of a lot of passwords. Remembering the passwords to social media, bookmarking sites and all of your email addresses can be really challenging, and recycling passwords between sites isn't recommended for Internet security. Most small business owners can't afford to risk having their social media profiles hacked or suffering identity theft, so the $5.99 price tag of 1Password is worth every penny. This mobile app for apple products allows you to safely store private information, including passwords, membership numbers and even credit card information. 1Password is among the best apps for small business owners because it can keep your various accounts secure and protected.

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