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    3 Totally Awesome Ways to Launch Your Social Media Presence

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Cross-Promote Your Social Media Presence

    Even your most loyal promoters might not be aware they can connect with your company on social media. The key to making your social strategy known among clients is to cross-promote your social media profiles. Some of the best ways to educate clients include taking your email signature social, including social buttons on your blog and cross-promoting social media by Tweeting pins. Check out 3 of the quickest and easiest ways to cross-promote your social media presence.

    Take Your Email Signature Social

    Many small business owners swear by WiseStamp, which offers free templates for professional email signatures. The download is quick, and optimizing the signature is painless even if you don't know the first thing about HTML. To cross-promote your social media presence with WiseStamp, all you need to do is provide working links to your various profiles:

    taking your email signature social just requires working links






    Once you apply the changes, each of your emails will be "stamped" with social media icons that act as links to your company or personal profiles. You can further enhance and promote your company through your email signature by providing links to your blog RSS feed that automatically update each time new content is posted. The WiseStamp website provides some top-notch examples of optimized signatures that can serve as inspiration for cross-promoting your social media presence:

    Wisestamp example of cross-promoting social media

    Blog Icons

    If you aren't including social media buttons on your small business blog, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with leads and clients. Make sure your social media buttons are visible. Placing the icons to either the right or left of blog content is a strong choice for cross-promoting your social media profiles. I took a tour of the websites of some brands I connect with through social media, to see how they've optimized their social icons. Hubspot's social media icons are perfectly optimized and visible, and they've creatively woven them in with giving blog readers an opportunity to subscribe:

    hb resized 600














    One example of social media icons on a company web page that could be better optimized was Sahale Snacks, who are fantastic at engaging and asking questions via social media. If I hadn't been on the lookout for their social buttons, I probably would have missed them. The buttons are buried at the very bottom of the page, next to the copyright information:

    Sahale social buttons are hidden



    Don't be ashamed to cross-promote your social media profiles. Make your buttons visible and vibrant by lending them some prime real estate closer to the top of the company blog or website.

    Tweet your Pins

    Content curation is really taking off, and many small businesses are embracing Pinterest as a way to promote their blog content and drive traffic. Our Inbound Marketing Agents Pinterest is a way for us to categorize our blog content, but we also curate a board of social media and marketing infographics from around the web. I've recently discovered a fantastic way to share content I curate while driving traffic to the company Pinterest account: tweeting my pins! After successfully pinning an image to our infographics board, users of the toolbar "Pin It" button are given a prime opportunity for social sharing:

    Tweet your pins

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to cross-promote your social media presence. Take up Pinterest's offer to Tweet your Pin or share on Facebook. If you select the option to link the pin on Twitter, the pop-up window will take you directly into Twitter:

    tweetpin2 resized 600

    Long links aren't the best choice for Twitter's micro-blogging platform, so I simply copy and paste the link to the Pin into my free link-shortening service of choice, bit.ly and edit the content to improve my chances of earning a retweet. I usually add hashtags to improve searchability and hit "Tweet," effectively using my Twitter account to share my curated content and promote our company Pinterest.

    It's estimated that more than half of Americans use social media on a regular basis. If your loyal clients aren't connecting with your company on social media, it might not be because they don't want to. Don't consider cross-promoting your social media profiles pushy, but just another way your clients can ask questions and learn more about your products and services. Social media has become a viable, prominent arena for dialogue and making your presence known is just good business.

    It's Your Turn! How Do You Cross-Promote Your Social Media Profiles?


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