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    The Future Is Mobile Marketing! Get Onboard or Be Left Behind.

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Mobile-Friendly Marketing Matters

    Mobile-enabled devices accounted for roughly half of all computing devices sold in 2011. Based on the explosive growth of mobile, it's hard to overestimate the importance of moving towards mobile-friendly marketing to any online strategy. About 107 million people owned smartphones worldwide in 2012, up from 19 million in 2008. Mobile devices account for around ten percent of all 2012 web traffic worldwide, so mobile marketing will almost certainly be the hub of online sales in the future.

    Many of the 211 million Americans tuning in to watch the London Olympic Games this week will be viewing on mobile devices. The Olympics have generated many mobile marketing applications which encourage mobile viewing or incorporate the games into a mobile marketing campaign. The official London 2012 web page alone offers two apps and a mobile game. NBC, the BBC and Team USA  all have their own Olympic mobile marketing applications. Olympic sponsor NBC has also launched a mobile website.

    It's been estimated that by 2015 there will be at least 25 billion mobile-enabled devices. Some estimates project fifty billion app downloads in 2012 alone. Not all of these downloads are mobile marketing applications, but many have at least some brand influence, like General Electric's official Olympic app which features athletes offering tips on health and setting fitness goals.

    Consumers don't just want phones for calls and texts, they want mobile-enabled devices. AT&T sold  a reported 3.7 million iPhones just in the second quarter of 2012, and Verizon sold another 2.7 million iPhones during the same period. iPhones represent only 58 percent of total  smartphone sales. Overall, smartphone sales were up 44.7 percent in 2012, despite a two percent drop in mobile phone sales overall. It's a fact that consumers are moving towards smartphones and non mobile-enabled phones aren't selling like they used to.

    Your company's mobile marketing efforts should begin with a mobile-friendly website. If your company has a storefront, tailor your website to highlight your address and hours, which is among the top information smartphone users could want to know fast. Make sure your content displays correctly on all screen form factors, or frustrated users may simply hit the back button.  Your prospective customers need to be able to load your company mobile website and read it.

    About a third of all 25-to-44 year olds used a tablet  in 2012. These users are another segment that you can target with your mobile marketing efforts. Interestingly, the majority of tablet users are women. The mobile marketing share of e-commerce traffic doubled over a recent six month period, with the iPad responsible for driving half the new traffic. 

    With many any large publishers now putting out tablet versions of their publications, mobile marketing strategies specifically geared to tablet users can offer an excellent return. Conde Nast for example offers tablet versions of Wired, Glamour and Vanity Fair just for the tablet. Print publishing giant Conde Nast  has also recently begun offering advertisers metrics to measure the success of their mobile marketing efforts, like the the average time readers spent viewing a particular ad. 


    Here are some tips for initiating your mobile-friendly marketing efforts:

    1. Tablet Users tend to swipe through the tablet edition like a print magazine, viewing ads with articles. Tablets can increase the reach of your mobile-friendly marketing. PC users tend to jump directly to the articles that interest them.

    2. Smartphone users have easy access to their email throughout the day, so your company's marketing automation should be optimized for mobile with short subject lines and mobile-friendly marketing content.

    3. Social media sites are hot among smartphone users, so don't neglect your company's social media presence to roll out mobile-friendly marketing content. Distribute social media content and include a YouTube presence.

    The future is mobile marketing, so don't ignore your company's opportunity to reach consumers in more ways than ever before. Recognize the tablet as a way to introduce advertising, strengthen your social media presence and optimize your website and marketing automation for mobile.

    Image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Suwit Rijaroon

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