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    How Hiring Millennials Can Benefit Your Business!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    6 Reasons to Hire a Millennial

    Millennials get a pretty bad rap. Too often, people born before 1980 associate their tendencies with the antics of the Jersey Shore cast. Millennials are viewed as fickle, social media-obsessed and incapable of conducting themselves in a corporate environment. These qualities can all be reversed into strengths, and these idiosyncrasies are actually why millennials make awesome employees. From being rock star multi-taskers to lifelong students, millennials have a lot of potential to become high-value employees. Check out some of the reasons why millennials make awesome employees.

    1. We're Natural Multitaskers

    Millennials have been shown to operate up to 7 electronic devices simultaneously. It isn't uncommon to come across a 20-something texting, typing, listening to an iPod, watching television and glancing down at their Kindle. Millennials are pros at working effectively on multiple monitors, juggling client accounts and managing projects. The fact is, millennials usually aren't overwhelmed by multi-tasking or being  often assigned multiple projects. This ability to divide attention is a reason why millennials make awesome employees.

    2. We're Hungry for Feedback

    Millennials are used to instant answers. From performing research on Google search to crowdsourcing restaurant recommendations on Twitter, Millennials don't often have to wait long for knowledge. Millennials make feedback-hungry employees, so feed your millennials well and often with pointers on how they can improve. A real desire for feedback is a reason why millennials make awesome employees.

    3. Work is Important

    For many millennials, finding work in a recessed economy wasn't easy. Millennials don't view their jobs as a right, they view them as something they earned. Unlike prior generations, millennials desperately want to find career paths that will provide fulfillment. 57% of millennials said recently that finding meaningful and challenging work was their highest priority in life. Their strong desire to be challenged and love their jobs is why millennials make awesome employees.

    4. They Blend Business and Pleasure

    Social media has blurred the boundaries of communication as we know it, and millennials are pros when it comes to blending business in pleasure. Many millennials have leveraged their social media profiles in job searches, and will likely be more savvy than you think when it comes to self-editing their posts for inappropriate content. From asking their Facebook friends for help on a work problem to Tweeting links to the company blog, millennials' willingness to include their professional lives on social media will help more often than it hurts. The fact that we don't need prompting to use social media for professional networking or promotion is why millennials make awesome employees.

    5. We Value Development

    Millennials often place an extremely high value on being autonomous, and undergoing the development necessary to get there. Some companies have even recognized that offering development opportunities is a key to retaining millennial employees, and focus on giving their young employees time for online education, mentoring or special projects assignment. The worst kind of employee is one who simply isn't willing to learn, and the same just can't be said about millennials. A true desire for continuing education and development is one reason why millennials make awesome employees.

    6. We Want to Be Invested

    Over and over, millennials rank finding meaningful work as the most important factor in their careers. Becoming emotionally invested and making a difference is more important than high compensations. Millennials want to care deeply about their jobs and make a difference in their companies. The fact that they genuinely want to be emotionally invested in their companies' success is a top reason why millennials make awesome employees.

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