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    Special Agent Spotlight: Isaiah Adams

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Introducing Isaiah

    Isaiah is the Chuck Norris of Inbound Marketing starsPlease join us in welcoming our newest Marketing Consultant here at Inbound Marketing Agents, Isaiah Adams. Isaiah joined the IMA team approximately 1 month ago, and he’s quickly become an invaluable member of our team. In his role as Account Manager, Isaiah coaches small businesses to develop a custom inbound marketing strategy tailored to their values, goals and business model. Isaiah educates and empowers clients to crush their competitors with cutting-edge inbound marketing technique.                                                                               

    Understanding Isaiah’s professional background in brand strategy, market research and innovation is a little complex, but there is a single factor that unites everything he’s ever put his hand to. He rocks it. Did we mention he’s smart? Not only did Isaiah meet the IMA requirement of passing Inbound Marketing University with high distinction, he killed the 50-question exam. Isaiah passed with a perfect score of 100%. Inbound marketing is a natural fit for Isaiah’s tendency to be an early adopter, visionary and leader.


    Isaiah originally hails from the Wild West of rural Southern Oregon. He spent his college years at Western Oregon University, where he played basketball and graduated with a BS in Business and Marketing. Prior to joining IMA, Isaiah was a Strategic Marketing Analyst at Totem Brand Strategy, an innovation consultancy serving Fortune 500 companies globally. Isaiah specialized in idea generation and strategy visualization, uniting companies with the talents of over 200,000 creative consumers in 94 countries. Isaiah has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, including P&G, Kraft, Clorox, Heineken and Anheuser Busch, just to name a few.  Plus, his unending desire for knowledge has made him a prime candidate for marketing jeopardy. He’s an encyclopedia when it comes to the details of a wide range of categories, from beauty products to beer to bleach.


    Even though he can actually have fun with enormous data sets, Isaiah is far more than a facts and figures guy. His strength is understanding the whole picture and providing insight. He’s a natural when it comes to understanding the intersections of culture, business and creativity. This blend of emotional and traditional intelligence is rare. Plus, he’s really quite nice and a pro at making authentic connections with clients.  Isaiah is a natural coach, and applies this energy to leading a high school basketball team at Nashville’s Franklin Road Academy. He doesn’t just tell our clients how to crush their competitors, he gives them the skills to increase their ROI and achieve unprecedented reach. If our Inbound Marketing Agents were action stars, Isaiah would be Chuck Norris. You definitely want this guy in your corner, and we’re so glad he’s in ours.