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    7 Secrets to Promoting Your Small Business

    Posted by Isaiah Adams

    Celebrate Small Business

    Customers love spending their money at small businesses. People rarely brag about their experiences with enormous corporations, but are excited to refer their friends and neighbors to local companies. If you're looking to add to your toolbox of selling points about your company, take some pointers from our lists of things to promote about your small business. .

    1. Your Employees

    If your people accomplish something, let your social media fans know about it. Whether it's finishing a half-marathon or adding a healthy baby to the company family, let your clients feel connected to the things your people are doing right. Accomplishments, even off the clock, are among the best things to promote about your small business.

    2. Your Customer Service

    Americans are sick and tired of terrible customer service and they flood to small businesses, where customer service is still king. 81% of Americans believe small businesses offer better service than large corporations, and they're willing to pay about 13% more to be treated right. Your customer service policy and examples of times when you've gone above and beyond for a client are top things to promote about your small business.

    3. Your Local Connections

    For at least 17% of Americans, buying local is a top priority. Consumers want to support small businesses with strong ties to their community. Let your commitment to your city be well-known among your clients. Support a Little League team, sponsor a company volunteer project or advertise your connections to other local, small businesses. Your community connection is always among the things to promote about your small business.

    4. Ability to Give Input

    People like to be able to give input on their client and buyer experience. In fact, in a recent study that sought answers to why people choose small businesses, direct access to decision makers came in near the top. Many people choose being able to provide input even over saving money. Ask your customers or clients for feedback often, and let it be known when you change in response to their requests. A flexible, customer-focused nature is definitely among the things to promote about your small business.

    5. You're Green

    It's a fact that small, local businesses generally have a much smaller carbon footprint than global corporations. And green practices really matter to consumers, especially the younger ones. 64% of millenials have reported that they will choose green products when given the option, even if they have to pay a little more. Whether your company goes green through inbound marketing, inter-office recycling programs or using recycled printer paper, these are things to promote about your small business.

    6. You Create Jobs

    Small businesses create lots of jobs. Even if your company only has six employees, you are part of a category of businesses that creates the majority of new positions. Small businesses create about 65% of the new positions in the US. In a world where unemployment rates are high, creating new positions is something to promote about your small business.

    7. Relationships Matter

    Even though the landscape of social interaction has dramatically changed over the past decade due to major social media networks, smartphones and Wi-Fi, people still care deeply about people. Word of mouth referrals matter, and consumers go back to small businesses because they've built relationships with the staff. The fact that you care enough about your clients to send birthday cards or know them by name is among the top things to promote about your small business.

    Promote your small business actively through blog content and social media. Let members of your community know just how hard you work to support your employees and provide great customer service to your clients. Whether you've gone green, send birthday presents to customers or love getting feedback, don't keep your specialties a secret.


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