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    The 6 Social Media Fans Every Small Business Needs

    Posted by Pat Owings

    6 People You Need on Facebook

    If you've been on Google News or Twitter this week, you've probably seen people talking about the brilliant article in Forbes, The 6 People You Need in Your Corner. Author Jessica Hagy defines 6 personality types, the instigator, doubter, taskmaster, cheerleader, connector and example. Instigators are the brave visionaries, connectors are highly social and taskmasters are the drill sargeants. Chances are, your workplace team probably exposes you to most of these people on a regular basis. Have you thought about how your small business actually comes into contact with each of these personas on a regular basis? Let's explore the social media fans every small business needs, and how they can help you learn and grow.

    The Doubter

    Doubters are usually driven by fear of failure, and tend to foresee issues before they arise. Doubters are vocal when it comes to perceived problems, and they'll make sure you know it. Doubters are among the social media fans every small business needs, because they tell you the objections that are common among your contacts. Listening to these fans can help you gain insight into your buyers and produce content and FAQs in response.

    The Cheerleader

    If any small business tells you they hate their social media fans that fall into the category of Cheerleaders, they're probably lying. Cheerleaders love giving positive feedback and they love being heard. Engage your cheerleaders and build relationships, not because they feel good. Cheerleaders are among the social media fans every small business needs because they can help you gain an outsider's perspective on what sets your organization ahead of competitors.

    The Instigator

    If you ask someone what they're having for breakfast tomorrow and they give you a weirdly specific answer, chances are that they're an instigator. Instigators engage on social media by asking about future sales, products and changes. These visionaries are among the social media fans every small business needs because they're happy to share great ideas for the future.

    The Taskmaster

    Taskmasters are type-A personalities. Not only do they live by the rules, they make sure everyone else does, too. If you fail to live up to a Taskmaster's expectations or send a shipment later than anticipated, they will let you know. Taskmasters are the social media fans every small business needs not because they are sweet, but because they will let you know if you've ever been innacurate, late or haven't lived up to expectations.

    The Connector

    Connectors are entirely social and community-focused, and they care deeply about relationships. Connectors are not likely to be silent fans of your Facebook page or Twitter account. These are the followers who will retweet details on savings and promotions to their own network. Connectors are social media fans every small business needs to actively engage with.

    The Example

    Examples are mentors and guides, and they won't necessarily be among your leads or clients. You can't learn and grow without examples, and every small business can benefit from a little stealth monitoring of their competitors. Watch other companies engage on social media, both within and outside of your industry. You should watch companies that are renowned for their social media prowess, such as Zappos, Birchbox and Hubspot to keep examples within view.

    Every small business loves being followed on major social media networks by cheerleaders and connectors. Positive engagement feels great, and they love getting glowing feedback. Keep in mind that just like doubters and taskmasters can benefit a workplace team, these personality types are also among the social media fans that every small business needs. Every bit of engagement on social media gives you insight and helps you reach people at the edges of your market.

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