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    Find Your Tone to Increase Email Marketing Conversion

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Finding the Right Tone

    So, you've heard that email marketing offers the highest ROI of any form of inbound or outbound marketing. You know that relevance is the most important metric in making your emails count, and you'd like to write something that really speaks to each of your segments. Tone matters in email marketing, and figuring out the right approach for your leads and customers is tough. Take inspiration from our tips on developing a consistent voice in your marketing automation:

    1. Consider Your Company Culture

    Developing a voice consistent with your company culture is one of the few times in marketing when it actually is about you. Think about your company's values, brand and culture when determining how you should talk to your contacts. If you are an urban graphic design firm, you can probably get away with more creative and conversational language than a wealth management company who primarily caters to an older demographic. For most marketers, writing like you talk will be beneficial, but this approach isn't for everyone. Tone matters in email marketing, so find something consistent with how you want to be perceived.

    2. Don't be Overly Familiar

    A presumptous tone to your marketing automation is almost guaranteed to be unwelcome in any inbox. Even if you're emailing your most loyal promoters, you don't want to come across as too familiar. Remember that each of your contacts is giving you their time by reading their email, so focus on quickly outlining the value of the offer or email without being annoying. Stating that you can help with "a complete guide to buying a new lawnmower" is much more descriptive and appealing than starting off with "you would be stupid to ignore these lawnmower purchase tips." Tone matters in email marketing, and you don't need to be dramatic to create urgency.

    3. Don't Have Multiple Personalities

    Tone matters in email marketing because maintaining a consistent persona is critical to building relationships that matter. Maintaining a consistent tone is very different than one of the most common email marketing mistakes, which is sending the same content to all clients. You can maintain a consistent tone but still work to personalize content for each of your segments. If your customers read the same witty, dry jokes as they move through the funnel from leads to customers to repeat customers, your tone matters in email marketing because they know what to expect. Remember that the voice of your content to every last one of your segments is an extension of your brand, which is another reason why tone matters in email marketing.

    4. Write Like You Mean It!

    You can hardly expect your leads to get excited about new, special offers if you aren't either. Tone matters in email marketing, and writing from a place of passion is appropriate for every industry. The tone that works for a small business in the agriculture industry won't work for an independant art dealer, but they will both have much higher click-through rates if they take the time to be excited about their offers. Convey your passion by using action-oriented language and working to inform, not sell. No matter your tone, your metrics will be improved with value-packed language.

    Tone matters in email marketing. Inbound marketing is really about building relationships, and you need to present a consistent image to build trust with your contacts. Figure out what resonates best with your contacts and brand, and use this voice consistently in your marketing automation. No matter which segment or what part of the funnel your contacts are in, they should come to know and expect your email marketing tone.


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