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    Top 10 Reasons You Have the Worst Landing Pages Ever

    Posted by Jessica Bowers Hopson

    Common Landing Page Mistakes

    When landing pages fail it's not because the inbound marketer doesn't care about their future customers. Most of the time, overly enthusiastic page builders will try too hard to impress by including multiple offers, too much text or too many options for navigation. When it comes to landing pages, remember that streamlined and simple is almost always best. Here are the top 10 mistakes that can cause you to be a candidate for the worst landing pages ever. 

    1. It Doesn't Look Like Your Website

    The worst landing pages ever are pages that leave people wondering if they're still on the right website. Landing pages are the perfect place to streamline content and design, but don't go overboard and remove your company logos.

    2. You Give Lots of Places to Escape

    Hubspot recommends that you make it easy as possible for people to convert by removing options for site navigation. Avoid linking the temptation to link social media profiles, either. Attributed testimonials are great, but places for people to escape are common on the worst landing pages ever.

    3. You Come Across as Sketchy

    The last thing on your future customers' minds should be whether they can trust you with their personal information or not. Include a link to your privacy policy, the logos of any business associations you're a member of and testimonials. The worst landing pages ever don't make the effort to appear reputable.

    4. It Isn't Perfect

    Your landing pages are never the time to skimp on grammar or editing. Missing typos can make your company seem unprofessional or careless. To avoid looking like a candidate for the worst landing pages ever, have a coworker or friend read over the copy before making the page live.

    5. The Form is Too Long

    One of the best criteria for a landing page form is whether you would want to fill it out. Keep landing page forms very short; no more than a handful of fields is optimal. You can always collect additional information on leads by employing progressive profiling throughout the lead nurturing cycle.

    6. Visitors Need to Scroll

    If you're wondering whether your landing page is too long, the answer is probably yes. If people need to scroll down to access the form, your conversion rates are likely much lower than they need to be. Streamline your landing page and place the form towards the side to avoid being among the worst landing pages ever.

    7. It Isn't Concise

    Writing effective landing page copy is really difficult. People are increasingly distracted, and they need to fully understand how your offer can benefit them in seconds. Not emphasizing the value correctly and overly long copy are both common on the worst landing pages ever. Try writing out a summary of your offer first, and then editing for brevity.

    8. You Aren't Grateful

    Aren't you glad when your website visitors choose to convert into leads? Then tell them so, by directing to a "thank you" page after they've converted. While social media buttons can be a distraction on a landing page, offering your new leads "other ways to connect" definitely belongs on a thank you page.

    9. The Headers Don't Match the Call-to-Action 

    The worst landing pages ever give a sketchy impression, and failing to draw a really clear connection between the call-to-action button and the linked landing page can make website visitors suspicious that you're just after their information. The phrasing doesn't have to match exactly, but make sure your headers are clearly related to the call-to-action.

    10. You Include Multiple Call-to-Actions

    Don't be overenthusiastic about your products and services and make your future leads have to pick between two tempting call-to-actions. Each landing page should be centered around singing the praises of no more than one awesome offer. Offering other call-to-action buttons on a landing page will just be confusing and make you a candidate for the worst landing pages ever.

    Have you ever been driven away by one of the worst landing pages ever?

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