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    Buyer Personas: Getting Landing Pages to the Right People

    Posted by Isaiah Adams

    FAQ: Landing Pages and Pe

    We love tough questions here at Inbound Marketing Agents, and one of the smartest queries we've recently seen was posted in the comments of our blog content A Quick Crash Course in Buyer Personas:

    customer frequently asked questions




    This question is definitely reserved for advanced students of inbound marketing. Buyer personas are profiles of your "typical" customers that encompass real data about their budgets, priorities, pain points and demographics. When done correctly, buyer personas can help you reach business goals at every level of operations. If you've worked to develop between 4-7 buyer personas for your company and developed a series of optimized landing pages that convert, it's time to focus on getting landing pages to the right people.

    For the purpose of illustration, we'll revisit the idea of a small, local floral shop Bella's Blooms. Bella's has two main buyer personas, Chic Christa who is planning a high-budget wedding and Sentimental Steve, who watches sales to get the best deals on holiday flowers for his wife. Here are some advanced ways Bella's can use buyer personas to focus on getting landing pages to the right people:

    1. Link Descriptions

    People are so inundated with marketing messages that they tend to tune out things that don't matter. Drafting accurate, attractive descriptions of your offers on social media can increase chances of getting landing pages to the right people. Bella's Blooms knows that Christa wants her wedding to be the talk of the town, so they may promote relevant landing pages on social by using hot terms such as "wedding trends" or "high-class wedding."

    2. Social Media Demographics

    Bella's gets the most bang for their buck by understanding where each persona tends to connect on social media. They've had little success connecting with people like Steve on Pinterest, but they understand that this social media network is almost 70% female and that wedding dresses are the most commonly-pinned item on the network. Instead of trying to drive traffic about holiday flower sales on Pinterest, Bella's increases their ROI by customizing images and linkbait related to wedding trends for generating pins. Knowing the social media habits of your buyer personas is a key component of getting landing pages to the right people.

    3. Choose Call-to-Actions Carefully

    Bella's is smart enough to produce blog content that appeals to both Christa and Steve, though they know that Christas perform a great deal more research on google. They choose call-to-actions carefully to convert these customers into buyers. For blog content centered around wedding trends, they include a call-to-action button that will lead Christa to a landing page where she can download an eBook of the hottest wedding color schemes for spring. For blog content about holiday sales, Steves are lured by a call-to-action button that offers a coupon for a dozen red roses for just $19.99. Figure out which of your buyer personas are going to be reading the blog content, and choose a call-to-action button that matches. If a person chooses to click through to your content from social media or Google, make sure they see a call-to-action button that will facilitate getting landing pages to the right people.

    The secret of getting landing pages to the right people requires a long, hard look at the search and social media habits of your buyer personas. Figure out where these personas tend to perform their research and connect with brands, and then work to draft their attention. From vibrant images to keyword-rich descriptions, tailor your promotion on social media to be noticed by the customers who matter. End each piece of business blog content with a call-to-action linked to a landing page that converts.

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/scottchan


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