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    6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Quora

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Boost Your Reputation With Quora

    Quora has been getting a lot of buzz lately as the perfect social media network for small and medium-sized businesses. Here's the thing, no one really knows what the average Quora user looks like. The company is famously quiet about their user statistics and demographics. Some experts estimate there are at least 1/2 million users taking advantage of the question and answer-oriented social network on a regular basis. What we do know is that the network is gaining a lot of momentum among small businesses as a forum for discussion, and few networks can beat Quora for establishing thought leadership. Here are some reasons that small businesses need Quora.

    1. Answering Questions

    You can use Quora for establishing thought leadership and sharing expertise. During the initial set-up process, Quora users are asked to subscribe to areas of interest. Keep an eye on topics and discussions that intersect with your professional interests and strengths to use Quora for establishing thought leadership.

    2. Asking Questions

    Sometimes you run into questions on the job that just can't be answered with a simple Google search. There are a lot of really smart people using Quora, and many small businesses have received real, actionable answers to their toughest questions within hours. Whether you are struggling to use graphic design software or have a tough IT question, ask questions to take advantage of smart professionals using Quora for establishing thought leadership in their own fields. Science, Technology, Startups and Entrepreneurship are among the most-followed topics on Quora.

    3. Perform Topic Research

    Keeping an eye on discussions in topics related to your small business doesn't just give you an opportunity to use Quora for establishing thought leadership. Smart small businesses will take the insight they learn on the network and use it for real insight into their customer's questions. Create blog content around some of the frequently asked questions, or re-post pithy questions and answers on your business Facebook or Twitter feed.

    4. Network

    If you are noticing some really great answers in your field, small businesses should use the private message function of Quora to expand their professional network. Quora allows users to engage in private dialogue. Professionals can benefit off the network by connecting with savvy users on Quora for establishing thought leadership. Quora isn't just for discussion, it can also be an exceptional place to network.

    5. Stay On Top of Trends

    An additional function of Quora is the fact that users are allowed to follow other people. If you've identified and connected with some really sharp peers using Quora for establishing thought leadership, follow them to see the trends they are researching and the questions they're asking. You could increase your business savvy by following your peers on Quora. Even sneakier, you could learn information on projects and developments your competitors are planning by watching their activity on Quora.

    6. Free PR

    You could even benefit from using Quora for establishing thought leadership by making connections with journalists for free PR. According to American Express Open Forum, journalists are a common profession on Quora, due to the fact they can easily connect with articulate experts. You could be asked to weigh in on some news stories related to your area of expertise.

    Small businesses who are hoping to gain a reputation as experts should consider using Quora for establishing thought leadership. The growing social media network offers a wide array of benefits beyond a forum for developing a voice. You can network with peers, keep close tabs on competitors, research industry trends and maybe even benefit from some free press.

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