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    Go Viral: 3 Examples of Minimalist Infographic Design

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Infographics Design Can Be Basic

    It's a fact that people go crazy over infographics. In an increasingly visual world of social sharing, infographics are perfectly optimized to go viral. Blog content that contains infographics generate 178% more inbound links than simple text with an image. If you're feeling a bit daunted over the idea of creating your own infographics, keep in mind that there is no law that each infographic has to represent hours of a professional graphic designer's efforts. Not every small business has the budget or resources to produce truly complex infographics, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't make them at all. An infographic is simply defined as a information presented visually. To illustrate some simple examples that really work, we've curated 3 Examples of Minimalist Infographic Design by searching Pinterest.

    Average Elementary School Class Size

    This simple infographic was created by Smashing Hub as a way to illustrate some of the basic graphing capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. We love this infographic because it gets the point across without any excess frills.

    When you're working to present extremely simple concepts in minimalist infographic design, take a note from Smashing Hub and make sure that all the elements add something to the final product. Even without reading the infographic title, most viewers of this minimalist infographic design could guess that the image is related to schools based on the ruled paper background and thick pencils. You can use minimalist infographic design to relay a single dataset, but make sure that all the elements work to enhance your message.

    A Guide to Coffee

    London-based illustrator Sky Nash developed this infographic to explain the details of some of her most beloved coffee drinks to a friend. This example of minimalist infographic design was drawn digitally.

    infographics don't have to be electronic

    This infographic is eye-catching for the same reason it's a great example of minimalist infographic design. The fact that it was drawn digitally actually enhances the charm and appeal of the image. You don't need to digitally or hand-draw your infographics, but use the creativity as inspiration for getting started. When it comes to producing infographics, don't be afraid to think outside of the box and use the skills you have to produce something of real value. Keep in mind that content that matters is really defined as content that hasn't be replicated or produced elsewhere.

    An Image-Only Hair Tutorial

    Tutorials comprised of a series of images are huge on Pinterest, and these photo series fit the guidelines of infographics. The viewer of the minimalist infographic design emerges from the process with some new information. If you can show your readers how to accomplish something in between 6-10 photographs, emulate the minimalist infographic design of this hair tutorial created by The Beauty Department.

    infographics can be a series of educational images

    This example of minimalist infographic design doesn't require advanced graphic design skills or tons of number crunching, but it succeeds at relaying information. Sometimes a topic of value to your readers can be effectively conveyed through photographs, and photo tutorials are prime going viral through for sharing on Pinterest and Facebook. The simple infographic above is actually the #3 search result for "hair tutorial" on Pinterest, having gained over 500 repins.

    Every smart marketer is always hoping to increase their social media engagement, drive new traffic to the company website and generate inbound links. Developing viral-worthy content is something that we all dream of. Taking the plunge and developing infographics could be what your business needs to boost your social media presence and SEO. Take inspiration from these examples of minimalist infographic design to get started.

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