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    Social Media Strategy: 10 Tips to Getting More Retweets

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    How to Triple Your Retweets

    Retweets are a clear sign that your company's social media strategy is working. Take each retweet as a sign that something you posted mattered enough to a follower that they shared it in their own network. Learn how to compose tweets that are worth sharing by delving into the best secret tips for more retweets.

    1. Just Ask

    Ask your followers to retweet your posts, especially if they contain valuable links or information on sales and savings. Asking for retweets on content that doesn't matter can seem needy, but use this practice for sharing information that will benefit more than just your own followers. Asking directly for “Retweets” has been shown to result in 23 times more shares. Being direct about asking people to share content that matters is one of the best secret tips for more retweets.

    2. Repost your Best Tweets

    Tweeting well and often results in more followers, and keep in mind that the life of a Tweet is extremely short. Give your most popular Tweets the best chance for being spread by posting them several times over a 24-hour period. Sometimes the best secret tips for more retweets is giving followers the maximum opportunity to see your best efforts.

    3. Don't Push the Limits

    Followers can't retweet your content if you use every bit of the 144 characters available. Be sure and leave at least enough extra room for space for your twitter handle. Shortening your tweets provides followers the opportunity to increase your retweets.

    4. Shorten Your Links

    Use a recognized link-shortening service such as bit.ly to add credibility to your links and maximize the space for you to explain the content. Few people are going to click on a link with no textual description. Providing an irresistable explanation of the link is among top secret tips for more retweets.

    5. Quotations

    Your Mother probably told you that if you can't say something nice, don't say something at all. Unfortunately, this approach doesn't keep your business in your followers twitter feeds. If you're facing Tweet-writer's block, seek some quotations or pithy statistics. Using cited facts and words of famous people is among many businesses' top secret tips for more retweets.

    6. Join Trending Topics

    Trending topics are popular for a reason, so don't be afraid to add input to the conversation with your own contribution that reflects well on your business. Adding value to viral conversations on trending topics is one of the best secret tips for more retweets, so long as you ensure you really are contributing something that matters. Always treat serious conversations and personal conversations with respect, and try to avoid controversial or offensive topics.

    7. Hashtags

    Learn the best practices for using hashtags in your content, which include keeping the tags basic and employing CamelCase, capitolizing the first letter of each word in the tag for readability. Tweets that contain more than 2 hashtags can be difficult to read and are actually 17% less likely to result in engagement. 

    8. Always Acknowledge Engagement

    If someone takes the time to retweet, reply or mention you, always issue a simple note of thanks. You can even acknowledge multiple Twitter handles in a simple note that says "thanks for the the mentions!" Being grateful will inspire people to retweet your posts again in the future and is king among secret tips for more retweets.

    9. Links

    It's hard to say much in 144 characters or less, so tweets that contain valuable links are big on Twitter. Tweets that contain links are 86% more likely to result in follower engagement. Links will establish your reputation as a voice that matters and is a secret tips for more retweets. 

    10. Don't Take Weekends Off

    Most people have limited access to Twitter during work hours, so be sure and maintain an active presence on the network outside the hours of 9-5. Weekends are actually the highest time for retweets, resulting in 17% higher engagement for businesses on Twitter. Maintaining a 24/7 presence is one of the best secret tips for more retweets that not enough businesses have adopted. Let yourself relax by employing HootSuite or other tools for scheduling tweets in advance.

    What works best for you? Share your secret tips for more retweets in the comments!

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/jscreationzs


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