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    5 Killer Tips for Driving Business Blog Traffic with Pinterest

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Pinning for Profit is Possible

    Pinterest has recently popped on the social media scene and has become a leading social media source of referral traffic.The latest research has revealed that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Youtube, Reddit, Google+, Linkedin and Myspace combined. If you're taking the time to pin each piece of business blog content you create but you're not really reaping the rewards, you may need to adjust your approach. We've compiled some of the best new tricks for driving business blog traffic with Pinterest.

    1. Outstanding Images

    Images are simply more important than text tags on Pinterest. Companies that offer services instead of products have to work a little harder to incorporate images eye-catching enough to earn repins. Some experts even recommend enhancing images just for Pinterest, by incorporating text overlays to make the pins more descriptive. The best Pinterest images for blog articles are detailed and creative enough to tell you what you're in for at first glance.

    The best Pinterest images are actionable

    This pin for a blog post about School Social Media Use excels at creatively describing the blog post, and really stood out in our Inbound Marketing Agents Pinterest feed recently. Descriptive images that pop are key to driving business blog traffic with Pinterest.

    2. Use Keyword Analysis

    Even though images are essential to driving business blog traffic with Pinterest, descriptive text tags still matter. 80% of the content on Pinterest was repinned, which mean users either grabbed the pins from their feeds or performed searches using keywords. Unlock the power of Pinterest search by making sure your text tags contains at least one relevant keyword. Priming text tags for search is essential for expanding your followers and driving business blog traffic with Pinterest.

    3. Infographics 

    Good infographics can go viral on Pinterest, so businesses selling services should curate every high-quality, relevant infographic they can find. Cultivate an infographics board with images gleaned from google news alerts and other people in your industry, and consider creating and contributing your own. The literal definition of infographic is a visual representation of information. Compiling a series of images into photographic tutorials are a form of infographic that can excel at driving business blog traffic with Pinterest. 

    4. Expand your Reach

    Don't just pin your own work. Pin products that matter to your employees. Social media is about building relationships, so don't be afraid to have a little fun by curating content that didn't originate from your company website. You could even find yourself driving business blog traffic with Pinterest by attracting followers and leads who weren't originally searching for your business. Country Living Magazine has excelled at putting a face on their Pinterest account by allowing their editors to collaborate on a creative board of pins they love, titled Our Editors' Faves. When it comes to driving business blog traffic with Pinterest, expanding the topics and content of your boards could be key.

    5. Collaborate

    Pinterest offers members the opportunity to create and maintain collaborative boards, in which people associated with multiple accounts can all pin and repin content. Collaborative boards have the potential to significantly expand your network. By joining forces and inviting other members of Pinterest within your industry to join forces on a board, you can benefit from sharing expertise and connect with the followers of your fellow pinners. 

    In the world of social media referral traffic, Pinterest is currently only being beat by giants Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest remains the fastest growing unique website in history, leaving many wondering if it will become the leading source of referral traffic in the future. Even if your company focuses on selling services, driving business blog traffic with Pinterest is still possible.

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles


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