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    Blogging Tips: How Epic Blog Titles Increase Open Rates!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    3 Examples of Great Blog Titles 

    First impressions have never mattered more than on the Internet. Blog titles are your reader's first introduction to your content. You need to draft something that will grab their attention, describe the content and create a sense of urgency in even less characters than a tweet. Drafting exceptional titles isn't easy, which is why we've compiled a few examples of great blog titles from the inbound marketing realm:

    8 of the Biggest Marketing Faux Pas of All Time

    Hubspot handed me one of our top examples of great blog titles via Twitter today. This title rocks because it's appealing in the same way that makes celebrity gossip websites like Perez Hilton or OMG so incredibly popular. People love to gawk, and advertising an opportunity for rubber-necking can lend a lot of appeal to your business blog titles.


     You Can't Eat a Facebook Like

    We're innundated by thousands of marketing messages each day, so blog titles need to be weird enough to be noticed on busy Twitter or Facebook feeds. We can vouch that You Can't Eat a Facebook Like is one of the great examples of blog titles because it's one of our most popular pieces of content here at Inbound Marketing Agents. When it comes to great examples of blog titles, let your freak flag fly.

    weird blog titles are eye-catching








    4 Reasons Your Website Sucks

    Hubspot hit all the right notes with this content that was listed among their top-performing examples of great blog titles. The title appeals to nearly everyone, regardless of their expertise in inbound marketing, demographics or business goals. No matter who their readers are or what they want from their career, they definitely won't get there with a website that sucks.

    not having a terrible website appeals to everyone








    Here are some bonus tips for making sure your next piece of content becomes one of the examples of great blog titles.

    1. Use potent words.

    "Great," "best" and "good" don't mean much, so don't be surprised if they incite a lukewarm reaction on social media. Give your blog title a little extra punch by including words that are jam-packed with potential for excellence, like "Epic" or "Killer." No one wants things that are nice, they want things that legendary or mind-blowing. 

    2. Offer an opportunity to rubberneck.

    Readers love scandal and adventure. Unleash the principal that made 8 Biggest Marketing Faux Pas of All Time a huge hit, and make lists that compile surprising examples and statistics. Classiness counts big, so use the shock-and-awe principal to produce great examples of blog titles that catch the eye without being too trashy.

    3. Be Specific

    Numbers are almost universal in great examples of blog titles for a reason. Readers want to know what they're getting into before they click, and numbers are a simple way to describe exactly what lies on the other side of the link. Top 10 lists can be enormously popular linkbait, so try and include a number the next time you work on examples of great blog titles for your content. 

    4. Be Sassy

    Don't be afraid to launch your content into examples of great blog titles by drafting a slightly controversial title. Like Hubspot's top-performing article Why a Social Media Policy is Stupid, many examples of great blog titles illicit a reaction and clicks by being a little surprising. 

    5. Highlight the Benefit

    Readers want great content that will teach them something new or otherwise improve their lives. Examples of great blog titles often hint at the value contained within the content. Develop a list of pragmatic phrases like "how to," "introducing" and "need" that can add a sense of urgency to your information, launching your content into the realm of the best examples of great blog titles.

    When it comes to examples of great blog titles, "good" and "best" just aren't enough. You've got to deliver legendary content with an epic, rockstar title to match.

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