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    The Secret to Trust-Worthy Marketing? Don't Market.

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Using Your Inbound Strategy to Build Trust in Marketing

    Truth is, we're all a little jaded. Some experts estimate that people are hit with up to 5,000 marketing messages each day. We've become champions at tuning out the commercials, billboards and product placement and have developed a distrusting attitude. Inbound Marketing operates on principles that build trust and relationships with customers on their own terms. They perform one of 8 billion google searches each month, find your blog content, like you on social media and make the sale. Inbound methods build trust in marketing because you're building relationships, on your customers' terms.

    Gritty is Good

    Your marketing automation and landing pages could be smooth as silk, but don't worry too hard about having an overly professional tone in your content or social media. Glossy, direct-mail campaigns don't work for a reason, and it's because real connections still matter to consumers. Don't be afraid to write content in a first-person voice that doesn't sound too different from how you'd talk with a client. The goal is to have fun without ticking anyone off. Use your blog to share things that matter with your potential customers, your social media profiles to build relationships and marketing automation to make sure you aren't forgotten. Being real will make you stand out, and go a long way to help you build trust in marketing.

    Be Honest

    Customers love honesty. Remember when Hulu CEO Jason Kilar admitted they had inconvenienced subscribers via their company blog? The post was sympathetic and genuinely apologetic and the exact opposite of what consumers have come to expect from corporate apologies. 3 ½ years later, we're still discussing how cool the apology post was. A little honesty can go a long way to build trust in marketing among your readers. Mass-apologies are rarely necessary for small business owners, but keep the success of Hulu's approach in mind while you develop more honest content.

    Always Offer Value

    If your leads wanted to give away their email addresses, they wouldn't have a hard time finding people who would take it. Brand yourself as trustworthy and different by offering value at every step of the way. White papers, eBooks and other tools are a top way to build trust in marketing by establishing your commitment to valuing your leads and their contact information. Add a link to your privacy policy on landing pages, and visibly display any business association affiliations.

    Let Testimonials Do the Talking

    You know you're awesome, but your customers are wired to tune out the hard sell. Inbound marketing is all about creating relationships and offering content of value to your leads, not bombarding them with reasons they need to buy now. Leverage your satisfied long-time customers, also known as promoters, to perform the glowing descriptions for you. Use these video testimonials or written quotations to do the hard sell for you. And don't worry if the testimonials look like they were written or delivered by real human beings, especially if the real human resembles your buyer personas. Don't airbrush and don't include stock photos of professional models. Real, believable customer testimonials are a great way to build trust in marketing.


    Inbound Marketing is all about getting the most bang for your buck. Inbound methods are just cheaper and more effective than traditional outbound practices, including television, radio, direct mail and telemarketing. Your strategy won't go very far if you're simply emulating outbound marketing campaigns on your company blog or social media. Keep in mind the secret of effective inbound practices, which is to make sure your campaigns don't look like marketing. The best way to build trust in marketing among your leads is to abandon marketing efforts in favor of real relationships.

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/noomhh


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