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    Building Effective Landing Pages for Lead Generation

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Landing Pages that Convert

    The success of your company landing pages is a relatively easy metric to track. The number of visitors who convert into leads by taking advantage of the special offer is known as the page's conversion rate. Maximize your conversion rate by adopting best practices for developing landing pages that convert.

    Make the Call

    Your call to action is the single most important part of a landing page. Website visitors become leads when they click the button. Make sure that your call to action button is wholly contained and the most prominent aspect of your landing page. Simplify your new leads' decision process by always displaying a single call-to-action button. Don't include any other forms or advertisements on the landing page that could distract viewers from taking advantage of the offer.

    Continually Test

    Landing pages can almost always be optimized, and the best marketers recognize that continual A/B testing isn't optional. Continually perform A/B tests on every aspect of the landing page, in order of their importance. Optimize call-to-action buttons before images, and images before text. Remember to only A/B test a single element of the landing page for truly accurate and actionable results. Continually A/B testing single elements is the most reliable way to create landing pages that convert.

    Make it Trustworthy

    Landing pages that convert appear sufficiently reputable that the safety of sharing their information doesn't cause people to hit the dreaded "back" button. Your leads are smart, and they don't want to just share their email addresses and contact information with anyone. Make sure your landing page appears professional, including your company logo and any memberships in business associations. While landing pages that convert should be as simple as possible, make sure it doesn't appear drastically different from the rest of your website.

    Don't Complicate Things

    Simplify the design. Landing pages are never a great place for busy or wordy page lay-out. The images and text should all serve to enhance the call-to-action button. Make sure the eye is drawn towards the call-to-action button by minimizing any distractions, including side bars or menus. A simple form without unnecessary distractions is a secret of landing pages that convert.

    Write Sparingly

    Copy is essential, but keep it simple to increase your chances of a making landing pages that convert. Don't include excessive words or complex ideas. Focus on drafting short, powerful sentences that accurately describe the offer. Bullet points and numbered lists are an excellent way to convey information in a concise, organized fashion.

    Keep Copy Simple

    Language for content on landing pages that convert should be as simple and action-oriented as possible. Landing pages aren't the time or place for elaborate metaphors or flowery language. Focus on relaying statements in simple, action-oriented text. Optimize, improve, promote and engage are all great ways to begin statements on your landing pages. Finally, always double-check copy on your landing pages. Typos and unfinished sentences are never a best practice, but professional language is essential to building landing pages that convert.

    Trim Testimonials

    Testimonials are a great way to to emphasize the value of your offer, just so long as they enhance your message without distracting from the call-to-action. Don't include lengthy videos or descriptions of every issue solved by your company's products and services. With the permission of satisfied clients, include a few single-sentence glowing quotations that make the offer seem even more necessary. Customer testimonials done the right way can be a valuable part of landing pages that convert.

    The purpose of your landing pages is to convert website visitors to leads, and continually optimizing your pages is the best way to increase conversion rate and minimize bounce. A prominent call to action, simple, fact-focused text and continual testing can all improve success rates. Remember that a landing page can never be fully optimized and keep chipping away at developing landing pages that convert. 

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Stuart Miles

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