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    The Secret Recipe for Truly Delicious Content Creation

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Great Content is Like a Memorable Sandwich

    Can you remember the last great sandwich you ate? It was probably tasted a little different than your standard ham and cheese on white bread. Chances are, each ingredient was high-quality and the various elements worked perfectly in concert. Here at Inbound Marketing Agents, we think blog content is like sandwiches. Anyone can slap together a simple PB&J that will tide over your company blog until the next post. Taking the time to craft a really memorable piece of content is required to create relationships with your readers. Use our top-secret recipe for great content to bring together ingredients in way that exceeds expectations.


    You don't want a sandwich or a piece of content that will leave you hungry, so sufficient length is essential to great blog entries. If you're tempted to quit at 300-400 words, you may need to add some additional elements. I've found that between 600-700 words is my sweet spot, allowing me to bring together enough unique ideas to deliver value to my readers without being overwhelming. Don't try and pass off 200 words as a self-contained blog entry unless you're delivering something really different, like a video or infographic. Similarly, enormous pieces of content are often too much for readers to digest in a single sitting.

    Statistics are like Condiments

    If blog entries were sandwiches, great statistics would be the house-crafted aioli. Get started with statistics right away to make sure your readers know your content is reputable and worthy of their time. Even if you logically know something, you need to incoporate facts and figures to back up your claims. Both you and your readers know that first-page search rankings are important to a businesses' success against competitors. But doesn't it sound so much more impressive if you state that 75% of search users never click past the first page of search results? Statistics, like condiments, require balance with less flavor-packed ingredients. I love spicy mustard, but I wouldn't sit down to eat a whole bowl. Balance your numbers with enough text for a well-balanced piece of content.

    Balanced Bites

    Subheaders keep readers engaged and can allow readers to quickly understand what they're in for. Strive to make each section a well-contained byte that stands alone. State your idea, back it up with statistics, explain yourself and conclude the section. When working with more qualitative ideas, including cited quotations can add expertise in place of facts or figures. Even for shorter pieces of content, try and write 50-100 words about each individual idea. Just like ingredients in a great sandwich are spread out evenly, make sure that each sub-header is able to stand alone and doesn't overpower the other sections.

    Engage the Senses

    Really great food isn't just mouth-wateringly delicious, it engages all the senses with a tempting smell, great feel and appealing look. Even the best words aren't enough to make great content if the tone is wrong or your titles leave something to be desired. Think of blog titles and linkbait like the smell, which may be the first thing that attracts a customer to your content. Choose tone carefully, being sure not to come across as too formal or lacking real depth. Take the extra time to pay attention to formatting by choosing an image that conveys your point. Visual appeal counts big, so make sure and optimize your content by picking images that lend themselves well to social sharing and Pinterest. 

    Its Your Turn:

    Can you remember the last great content you fed yourself with? Why was it so memorable? Share your secret recipe in the comments!

    Image Credit: freedigitalphotos.net/antpkr

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