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    Negative SEO, Facebook Friends and Content of the Week

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Home Runs of the Week

    Here at Inbound Marketing Agents, we thrive on a steady diet of caffeine and top-notch marketing content. Keeping on top of the best industry blogs and media is a.

    We've continued our weekly commitment to bringing you exceptional curated content from around the web each week, from blogs and newsources covering inbound marketing, SEO, social media, business, and more.

    How Even 'Boring' Industries Can Create Interesting Content

    It isn't a secret that some companies offer products and services which are more easily translatable into interesting content. I know that I'd rather read about food than plumbing fixtures. Boring companies shouldn't shy away from producing content on a regular basis, they just need to work a little harder to make sure it isn't all about them. Hubspot's blog offers a number of suggestions on making boring products or services into engaging content, which include tips such as finding a relatable angle, including visual components and incorporating humor on a regular basis. Get the full list here.

    How to Make B2B Content More Shareable

    Using social media to promote business blog content is a key strategy of any effective inbound marketing plan, so delve into news source Mashable's recent article on oprtimizing content for social media distribution. Use this guide for best practices tailored to each major social media network. Maximize the mileage your content receives on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin by customizing your approach for sharing. Full story here.

    5 Facebook Friends Every Inbound Marketer Needs

    It's no secret we're a little obsessed with buyer personas here at Inbound Marketing Agents, so we were destined to go a little crazy over LyntonWeb's short and sweet piece on marketing segmentation on Facebook. From teenyboppers to journalists, learn the value of each type of fan who engages via facebook. In our opinion, the best takeaway from this article is learning how to listen to objections and praise, and how this feedback can refine your entire marketing strategies. Read more here.

    Were You Hit by Negative SEO?

    The SEOMOZ blog tackles the hysteria surrounding the potential for negative SEO in the most recent overhaul of Google search algorithm, penguin. The content perfectly blends humor and actionable information, offering readers real tools to determine whether sudden drops in search engine ranking are the result of malicious practices. Not to give away any spoilers, but you'll be thrilled to learn that negative SEO is far less common than some people think. Get the full story here.

    7 Must-Read Books for Marketing Agencies this Summer

    One of the challenges of inbound marketing is taking the time to unplug from your computer, smart phone and tablet every so often. Easier said than done, right? Feed your need for quality content and cutting-edge knowledge by picking a few old-fashioned books to read on the beach this weekend. The Hubspot blog has curated a list of 7 of the latest and greatest books on marketing. The list includes humorous recollections of clients from hell, managerial theory and tips on building a high-powered consulting practice. Check out the comments for a few more recommendations on great reads. Dig in here!

    Did you run across any home runs in your RSS feeds this week? Don't hoard the best of the web! Let us know and we'll pass you some link love in next week's home runs.


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