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    Best Practices for Outsourcing Business Blog Content

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Myth: You Can't Outsource Quality Content

    You can outsource exceptional blog content, though a successful experience will require time, patience and more than $0.01 per word. Outsourcing content often has a negative connotation among inbound marketers, bringing to mind images of poor quality content purchased for low rates. Quality counts big following recent changes in major search engine algorithms and can be difficult to balance with the necessity of frequent posts. Many business blog managers simply lack the time to execute 600-1000 words 5 days a week. If your need for content will exceed your saturation point for the foreseable future, outsourcing content could be the only way to keep your business blog above water. By adopting the best practices for outsourcing content, you can develop lasting relationships with talented writers.

    Use a Middle Man

    Hubspot recommends Zerys for Agencies, a low-risk platform which excels at intermediating relationships between business blogs managers and freelance writers. Zerys offers a variety of guarantees to protect your business and keep the fact you outsource a secret. You don't have to purchase the content unless you are fully satisfied. You can pick who you offer work to, how much you're willing to pay and request revisions. Zerys has outsourcing management down to a science, so you don't have to worry about contracts, recruiting and enforcing deadlines.

    Spread your Net Wide

    Genuinely talented business blog writers are as rare and valuable as solid gold. While the Zerys platform screens candidates to ensure writers are native English speakers with a solid grasp of grammar, not every freelancer has a well-developed voice or the ability to convey passion about your company's products and services. The key to finding the best writers for your business blog is to spread a wide net in the initial stages. Put up 15-25 articles on Zerys and wait for the results. Even if you only find a small handful of writers you want to work with in the future, the screening process is considerably cleaner than trying to recruit talent yourself.

    Include a Roadmap

    Even the best writers can fall short if the instructions for the content are lacking. In addition to keywords, keyword density and length, Zerys allows you to provide direction on tone, narrative and style with each work order. Linking stellar examples of other blog content is among the best ways to ensure writers have enough information to hit all the right notes. Giving a writer little more than a target length and keywords can result in content wildly different than what you'd originally hoped for. Remember that even repeat writers may have a huge number of clients, so don't expect your regulars to remember all of your company specifics. A key best practice to outsourcing content is providing detailed guidelines, each and every time.

    Cultivate Relationships

    Working with the same writers over time will allow you to outsource content of quality and value. Treat your writers well to maintain lasting relationships. Offer positive feedback when the work meets your company's needs or demonstrates significant effort. Remember that for professional freelance writers extensive revision requests can cut into their ability to complete other projects, so be extra grateful when article revisions demonstrate extra attention. Zerys even offers clients the ability to pay writers a tip, which is an unnecessary but kind gesture that can convey gratitude for exceptional work. Reward long-time writers for their loyalty by increasing their pay rate.

    If fulfilling the content calendar of your business blog requires burning the midnight oil or skipping your gym time, wise outsourcing of content could be necessary for success. Make the effort to identify, train and reward the best writers for long-term, successful content outsourcing.


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