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    How to Gain the Right Kind of Twitter Followers

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Twitter Followers: Quality or Quantity?

    If a business Twitter user says they don't want more followers, they're almost certainly lying. Twitter followers are a social media metrics that people outside inbound marketing realm mistakenly believe matters. The internet is filled with cheap tricks to quickly inflate your total followers and businesses which are happy to sell thousands of fake followers for a few hundred bucks. Smart marketers know fixating on Twitter followers isn't the best metric for determining your social media reach. The metric isn't entirely useless because it can offer an appearance of legitimacy to small businesses. Focusing too hard on gaining or buying Twitter followers won't really promote your brand. Gaining followers who engage in coversation and promote your brand offline offers a lot more impact on your bottom line. Here are some tips and tricks to get a running start on on gaining followers who count.

    Be Legit

    Making sure your profile is complete and optimized should be the first step of earning the attention of quality Twitter followers. Your profile picture should be a clear image of your company logo, and you shouldn't waste any of the 160-character biography to explain your company. If your profile isn't complete or doesn't appear to be well thought-out, you could resemble a Spambot to the Twitter followers who count.


    Don't waste any available space to promote your brand. Consider using a shortened link to the "About Us" page on your company's website in your Twitter bio. Even the best-written biographies likely can't fully convey the extent of your products and services. Invest in a custom Twitter background to convey words or images that introduce your mission, values or business to quality Twitter followers.

    Be Available

    Reply publically to followers who make the effort to initiate engagement. While sensitive topics or exchanging personal information should take place through the direct message function of the social media network, quality Twitter followers want to see you engaging. Answering basic questions and thanking people for mentions publically will give you the reputation as a business Twitter user who wants to reach out.

    Don't Be a Broken Record

    Tweeting 22 times per day is thought to be optimal. Even if your business blog is extremely prolific, you could struggle to produce enough original content to maintain an active presence with scheduled tweets 24 hours a day. Use your Tweets as a platform for distributing curated content and incorporating hashtags to join open conversations on trending topics. Tweet something great from Mashable or Pinterest. Optimize your google news feed to deliver the top news stories related to your industry, and enjoy the quality Twitter followers you gain by sharing hot topics.

    Get Creative

    Paper.li is a free online tool to produce a daily “newspaper" for your Twitter feed. The platform can pull from your hashtags and tweets to mention specific followers. Use Paper.li as a stepping stone towards engaging with your fans and attracting new quality Twitter followers. The followers mentioned in the Paper.li clip will love the free promotion, and will likely take the time to mention you in return or retweet. 

    Be Generous

    Following others in your industry can provide a lot of inspiration from your Twitter feed. If you've learned something from a Tweet, be sure and mention it. Maintaining a grateful, engaged presence on Twitter will likely result in reciprocity and help you build strong relationships with quality Twitter followers.

    If you are desperate to extend your social media reach, don't result to spending hours looking for people who auto-follow you back or shell out the funds for faux followers. You've got to work to earn the attention of quality Twitter followers. Building a unique profile and initiating engagement are the best steps to earning the right type of Twitter followers. 


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