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    Business Blog Giveaways: A Crash Course in Successful Sharing

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    The No-Stress Giveaway Guide

    When it comes to business blogs giveaways, sharing with your friends isn't as simple as it was back in grade school. When properly conducted, business blog giveaways offer enormous potential for expanding your social media reach and increasing lead engagement. Check out our tips to increase your chances of a low-stress, high-success business blog giveaway. Picking a fabulous prize from your organization's products or services is just the beginning of initiating a fabulous contest on your business blog.

    1. Give Credit Where Credit is Due

    If your company isn't fully absorbing the costs of the prize offered in the business blog giveaway, giving full and complete credit isn't just polite, it is required by the FTC. While donated prizes are far more common in the realm of personal blogs, make sure to credit the source if necessary. Acknowledge the originating company in the content introducing the business blog giveaway and provide a valid link to their website. 

    2. State full rules for entry

    Draft and include full rules for eligibility and entry in the business blog giveaway. If the prize can't be shipped outside of the continental US or immediate county, clearly exactly who is able to enter the business blog giveaway. Establish a time and date when the contest will close and disclose when and how the winner will be announced. Close the comments immediately when the blog contest ends. Full disclosure isn't optional when it comes to business blog giveaways.

    3. Maximize Mileage

    People flock to free stuff, so consider increasing your chances of earning new Facebook fans, twitter followers and blog subscribers by offering contest participants an extra entry for each method of engagement or sharing. A comment, becoming a fan on Facebook or tweeting about the contest could earn a contestant an extra chance to win the prize of your business blog giveaway. You'll love the surge of site traffic from this free publicity, and the blog readers won't balk at sharing on social media for extra chances to win.

    4. Keep it Simple

    Blog contests shouldn't prove a headache, so make every effort to streamline the random selection process. If you are offering extra entries for social media shares, require participants to add a separate comment for method. Promoting the blog contest in multiple pieces of content is sharp, but these entries should always serve as a vehicle for a link to the initial post. Close comments on any promotional content other than the initial post to avoid confusion.

    5. Anticipate Response

    While allowing business blog giveaway contestants to enter through comments can be the easiest approach, this method might not always be simplest for blogs with an established history of engagement or a wide social media reach. If you anticipate more than 200 entries or you are using a complex, point-based system for entries, consider implementing a tool such as RaffleCopter to make your process as easy as possible. 

    6. Randomize

    If your blog contest is a random giveaway, use a free, online tool for picking a winner. Rafflecopter picks a winner randomly, and Random.org will generate a figure from a designated range of numbers. If you are announcing the blog winner in a new piece of content, include a screen cap of the random generator used for selection.

    7. Promote the Winner

    Promoting the winner through blog content and social media can really extend the SEO mileage of your business blog giveaway. Make sure you've included a specific plan for announcing the winner in the initial business blog giveaway guidelines and don't make any last-minute chances. Smart bloggers may choose to only announce the winner through content at a previously specified time, bringing repeat site traffic from nearly every contestant hoping to scope out whether they earned the prize.

    8. Give the Gift

    If you've made every effort to employ smart business blog giveaway practices, notifying the winner and shipping the prize will be easy. Ship the prize in a timely manner and enjoy engaging with your new blog readers, RSS subscribers and social media followers.

    Business blog giveaways offer a lot of potential for companies to extend their social media reach and enjoy a surge of new traffic. By avoiding the most common mistakes, you can ensure a great experience. Consider smart sharing to enjoy a surge of traffic and followers today.


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