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    The Power of Inbound Marketing: Conserve Your Budget and the Earth

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Inbound Marketing is Green Marketing

    Does anyone really needs more reasons to love inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is cheap, and it works. Each inbound lead costs on average 61% less than a lead gained through traditional outbound marketing methods such as telemarketing or direct mail. Better yet, inbound marketing is a simple way to adopt green business practices. Pat yourself on the back for green inbound marketing strategy that isn't just effective, but makes the world a better place.

    Direct Mail Sucks

    Communicating with potential customers via email is way more effective than mass-mailings, even when it comes to established leads. The average open rate of an email campaign to an in-house list is 19.47%, compared to 3.42% for direct mail. Still, direct mail is typically considered among the “better” forms of traditional outbound marketing due to low cost and relative convenience. The average cost of a lead from a postcard campaign is “only” $75.32, according to The Direct Marketing Association. As if you needed more reasons to ditch mass-mailing efforts, junk mail is awfully hard on the environment. According to environmental organization 41 Pounds, the environmental costs of direct mail are staggering:

    • 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water are poured into direct mail each year.

    • The average adult receives 41 pounds of mailed advertisements annually.

    • 44% of all mailed advertisements are thrown away without a second glance.

    Direct mail makes more of an impact on the environment than your company's bottom line. Not only is green inbound marketing the smartest choice, it can appeal to your customers.

    Green Matters

    Green inbound marketing practices matter to consumers, particularly millenials. Don't keep your company's commitment to green inbound marketing practices a secret. 64% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 29 stated in a recent study they prioritize making purchases from companies with a record of environmental responsibility, even if the product costs more. Millennials are an inherently involved and curious generation with a strong desire to help the world around them. Nearly 70% of millennials say that giving back is one of thei top priorities. Your company's commitment to green inbound marketing practices won't just help your bottom line and the environment, it can help you build real relationships with your leads.

    Use your company's commitment to green inbound marketing as a platform for sparking a real dialogue with your fans and followers. The best blog content offers value to readers, so consider starting a series of content focused on easy tips on green living in conjunction with your company's commitment to green inbound marketing. Ask your social media followers for insight on how they practice environmentally-conscious living at work and home. Don't be afraid to proclaim the real value of your green inbound marketing strategy.

    Green inbound marketing doesn't just make sense in terms of dollars and cents. Ditching the expensive, ineffective direct mail campaigns can make a real difference for proceeding generations. Be proud of the fact that green inbound marketing works for the future.

    What are some ways your organization practices green business practices?


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