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    Power Pinners: The Best of Pinterest

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Myth: Pinterest is Just For Crafts

    I have a confession: I love Pinterest but I'm not crazy about cute crafts. Twee, an obscure term used to describe nauseatingly cute items, is mistakenly believed to be rampant on Pinterest. I've never decorated my own cupcake papers and I'm not interested in making the “best window cleaner ever” out of 3,000 items from my cupboards. Pinterest fascinates me because it is inherently visual and rapidly growing in popularity. We've cultivated a list of some “power pinners” - companies, individuals and collaboration that offer with real infographics and items of value - that you should be sure to follow. Here are some Pinterest boards that are always mind-blowing, but only rarely twee:

    1. Mashable                                                                                                              

    Mashable delivers tech-focused news, infographics and memes to followers of their company Pinterest. This Pinterest account excels due to the variety and quality of their Pins. From photos of women in technology to an entire board dedicated to breath-taking instagrams snapshots, Mashable's board is always relevant but not too serious.


    Mashable's Pinterest is a winner due to the variety of topics and incorporation of humor. Spice up your Pinterest feed by following their boards. See for yourself here.


    2. Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods Market pins a lot of mouth-watering photographs of foods that range from heart-healthy, grilled corn to decadent pies. This company Pinterest account is a mecca for home or professional cooks, offering tons of recipe inspiration, the latest in cooking gadgets and even some kitchen design inspiration.

    Best organic food recipes on Pinterest

    Whole Foods Market excels because their company Pinterest is always valuable and exciting without offering a hard sell. It is apparent that they love food and want you to, also. Dig in by clicking here.


    3. Alex Ohanian

    More myth than man, more personal account than company Pinterest, Alex Ohanian makes the list through his clever promotion of his company, Reddit on his board Stuff I Upvote. Alex is worth checking out due to the fact that his Pins are always surprising and never boring. He includes gadgets, humor, self-promotion and stunning photos on single boards while maintaining a consistent persona.

    Smart brand marketing on Pinterest

    Ohanian makes the list of the best of Pinterest simply because he manages to promote Reddit without being too aggressive. Use Ohanian as inspiration for clever marketing by checking out Stuff I Upvote here.

    4. Best of Pinterest Photographers

    This community-driven board lives up to the title by featuring pins from amateur and professional photographers around the world. Anyone on Pinterest is free to join and share their original content. This board could be among the best sources of inspiration for artists I've found on the network.

    Best photography on Pinterest

    Be warned that this board will occasionally feature content that may not be safe for work or children, though the vast majority of shots focus on G-Rated impressions of nature or architecture. We love Best of Pinterest Photographers because it is prolific, fascinating and driven solely by voluntary engagement. Dive in here.

    5. Hubspot

    We would be remiss if we didn't include Hubspot as one of the best one-stop shops for inbound marketing content on Pinterest. Hubspot states they like to have fun, and they accomplish this goal in their boards. Who doesn't want to follow an entire board solely dedicated to "meme-tastic marketing" or another filled with images of Unicorns?


     describe the image

    Hubspot's Pinterest profile can offer a lot of insight into effective use of this new, growing network to other company pinners. Hubspot's Pinterest promotion ranges widely, from data-packed images and event promotion to blog content and infographics. For more, see here!


    Who do you think are some of the best boards and Pinners on Pinterest to follow? Share the wealth in the comments! Extra points for leaving a link to your own account.


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