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    Compelling Content Creation in 60 Minutes or Less

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    Myth: Business Blogging Takes Too Much Time

    Business blogging really isn't an option anymore. 57% of companies have acquired a customer through their business blog. However, even the smartest marketers get caught up in the myth that blogging should take tons fo time.  Each piece of content, including links, images, alt text and meta tags should require 45-60 minutes on average. Make sure your content doesn't eat away your marketing budget by developing a strategy for developing quality content, fast.

    • Start with a solution

    If your blog readers had perfect lives, they wouldn't have come searching for your businesses solutions. Use information of real value to your followers as a starting place for business blog posts. Great content should never be built around a keyword or sales pitch, but should serve as a vehicle for delivering solutions, tips and tricks. Common customer questions are a great starting point for business blog content, and using these questions as titles serves as some pretty enticing linkbait.

    • Make an Outline

    Split your idea into several actionable steps and use these sections as the bones of your outline. Type notes under each section of the outline, which could be used as subheaders in the text. A catchy introductory line is crucial, so don't get stuck trying to write the perfect opening statement. Starting in the middle and working outwards can keep you on track and organized.

    • Just Start Writing

    Staring at a blank document can daunting for many content writers. The key to time-efficient content is to just start typing without worrying too hard that your initial words will be perfect. When I write content, my first words on the page rarely make it into even the second draft. Remember that you aren't sculpting content out of fine marble, so initial efforts can always be deleted or changed significantly.

    • Novels Not Required

    The ideal length for business blog posts is typically around 600 words. Content should be long enough to pique the interest of readers and leave them inspired to engage in the comments. 600 words isn't an enforced law, so give yourself the freedom to express yourself in shorter or longer blog entries. If you're sitting down with a goal of hitting 2,000 words in a blog entry, you likely won't be able to hit the target in a timely fashion.

    • Back it Up

    the power of statistics in mind. When I say that “Pinterest is pretty popular,” it sounds a lot less impressive than when I say – and cite- the fact that Pinterest was recently named the fastest growing unique website of all time. Bulk up your content by researching and linking to statistics from reputable sources around the web.

    • Drive it Home

    Once I've developed a solid body for a blog entry, I focus on drafting a conclusion, introduction and titles – in that order. If blog entries were sandwiches, the “bread” of the introduction and conclusion would be the most important part. Remember that your readers don't know that you're a content rock star, so your title and introduction will need to be sufficiently intriguing to keep them reading.

     Don't let yourself get caught up in staring at a blank document or trying to come up with a title. Start with a solution, draft an outline, incorporate statistics and write an intriguing introduction to drive it home. Once you've developed a system for blogging, you'll be able to deliver top-notch content in less than an hour.


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