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    Expand Your Social Media Reach by Scheduling Tweets

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

    How To Generate Leads While you Sleep

    Staying active on social media is crucial for developing and maintaining engaged relationships with your followers. At IMA, we experienced an 87% increase in traffic, 13% increase in retweets and an 8% increase in leads since beginning to tweet 24/7. We do sleep occasionally, but we've unlocked the power of scheduling tweets. If your market is bigger than your own timezone, scheduling tweets is necessary to fully maximize the potential of your business Twitter.

    It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

    Retweets are inbound marketing gold, offering free publicity within the personal network of your followers. Smart marketers know that receiving retweets isn't entirely dependent on the quality and value of your content. Retweets most commonly occur between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, with 5pm being the most common time for receiving retweets. Depending on the demographics of your followers base, scheduling tweets could be the only way to make sure everyone in your network receives your content at peak times. Don't miss out on the surge of website visitors from an Eastern Europe retweet simply because you can't generate new tweets while you sleep.

    Be Strategic

    According to Bufferapp.com, scheduling tweets has the potential to increase traffic by 200%. Tweeting 24 times a day at hour-long intervals could be among the easiest strategies to maintain a consistent, presence in the feeds of followers worldwide. If you can't tweet every hour, make sure each tweet packs the maximum punch by scheduling tweets for the best possible times. Figure out exactly when you should be tweeting by checking out TweetWhen for a full report on which days and times offer the highest potential for receiving retweets.

    Stay Consistent

    There are days and times when delivering quality tweets is likely to be the last thing on your mind. Don't risk the damage to your flow of new leads by abandoning your business Twitter during your upcoming vacation in Aruba. Scheduling tweets allows you to plan ahead, linking landing pages, promoting events and taking full advantage of bursts of inspiration. No one likes having their Twitter feed clogged with dozens of consecutive messages from a single account. Writing and scheduling a full day of tweets immediately after your morning java could be the best way to deliver quality without flooding the feeds of followers. Scheduling tweets will ensure that you maintain consistency and don't tweet too much or too little.


    There are a number of platforms which allow you to schedule your social media content. Timely offers a uniquely personalized approach that could appeal to organizations with a small or geographically centralized market. By analyzing the success of your previous 199 tweets, the platform decides when to release your content. If you prefer a little more control over the timing of your tweets, check out the flexible plan. of Twuffer. For automatic tracking of your personal metrics and the ability to schedule content release on both Twitter and Facebook, consider HootSuite.


    Don't limit your social media presence to your waking hours or bursts of inspiration by writing Tweets on the fly. Consistent quality and timing pays off in visitors and new leads, so make sure you aren't neglecting your market in different timezones. By scheduling tweets, you'll unlock the secret to generating new leads while you sleep.


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