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    5 Facebook Timeline Best Practices for Business Pages

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Facebook Best Practices for Business Pages


    It has been just over three months since Facebook rolled out Timeline.  Regardless if you love it or hate it, Timeline is here to stay so you should probably take advantage with some best practices for your business. 

    A recent study found that fan growth has slowed down since Facebook launched Timeline, so we thought you may want a few tips to kick-start your growth again.  If you are a small business with a small budget, don't worry, you can get a lot out of Facebook with little or no budget.  You just need to produce great content and images that your fans want to engage with and you will be set along with a few of these best practices.

    1. Using Images

    Facebook Timeline Best Practices

    Now that we have Timeline the available image size we can share is much larger.  This has created much more value for images in your News Feed, so pull that smart phone out of your pocket and start snapping some pics to post.  Show your fans what really goes on in business by posting behind the scenes pics, food pictures, or capture a funny moment and watch your Likes start to increase.

    2. Take Advantage of Your Cover Photo

    Tony Hawk Facebook Timeline

    Your Timeline cover photo captures your company culture, but can also be used as advertising as Tony Hawk has done here by placing his schedule for the upcoming Birdhouse Tour inside the image.  This is the first thing that people see when they visit your page and is the prime real estate of your Timeline, so take full advantage.

    The cover photo garners the most attention on your page and is the first impression of your company on new potential fans and customers so try to pic a high resolution image that tells a story about your brand or company.  You can save your company logo for the profile picture in the bottom left corner or create a really cool set of images that link the two together.

    3.  Highlight what you really want fans to see

    Worlds Largest Webinar

    Timeline now allows you to "Highlight" posts and "Pin to the Top".  Facebook recommends that you do this once a week with your most valuable posts that you want to be showcased.  HubSpot has done a great job visually and with their Call to Action in this image.  Who doesn't want to be a part of the world's largest webinar?

    When you pin something on your Timeline, is become the first item you will see and the image is much larger than that of a standard image post giving the pin much better positioning for engagement. Another great nugget from this HubSpot post is the link above the image.  Very simple and understated without a lot of text, just like a well designed Call to Action.

    4.  Use your Tabs

    Inbound Marketing Agents FB Tabs

    Right below your Timeline photo is a set of Tabs that are typically not taken advantage of by businesses.  According to an eye-tracking study these Tabs get more visibility then anything you will post below them in your Timeline.

    You should think of your Tabs as a secondary Call to Action accept for your have more than one to work with.  As you can see in the image above from our own Timeline we have taken advantage of the Tabs by adding Calls to Action for our Social Media Tune Up eBook, Content Calendar, and SEO for Blogging Checklist all of which you can download directly from our Facebook Page for free by clicking on the Tab.

    Not only can you customize these Tabs, but you can rearrange them in any order you like to put your best 'offers' first and move the standard 'Like" button to the bottom.  Tabs are not hard to set up, but if you are unsure here is a great article from HubSpot on How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages.

    5.  Insights (Analytics)

    Facebook Analytics

    Timeline provides you with some great analytics that you need to pat attention to to increase your engagement.  This will allow you to alter the content and times of the day your are posting to maximize comments, likes, and downloads if your are using Tabs.

    If you are using paid advertising on Facebook Insights will let you know how reached your new fans so can measure your cost of customer acquisition and iterate your ads and marketing plan.  Insights also provides you with the ability to export your analytics into Excel just in case you need to prove to your boss that social media marketing actually works.

    Here is what you will see in Insights:

    • People Talking About This  This is the number of people that have engaged your fan page, whether they comments, "Liked" something, or answered a question. 
    • Friends and Fans  This is the number of friends and fans that you have on your page.  This means that each post has the potential to reach these fans since their engagement will show in their News Feed and on 'friends' news feeds.
    • Reach  This is the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Reach will show you the total number of people who have seen content associated with your page.
    • Virality  The percentage of fans who saw your post from your Page and interacted with it by sharing, commenting, or "Liking" it.  This is the most important metric to watch and tweak your content from.  Keep a close I on the shares and start adding content based around the posts that are shared the most.


    It's Your Turn

    Now that you have seen our Facebook Timeline Best Practices, we want to know what you are doing to maximize your Timeline.  Please leave your comments below or comment on our Facebook Timeline.


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