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    Reality TV is Really About Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

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    Here at Inbound Marketing Agents, we love good food and great marketing technique. After watching several episodes of reality television show Food Network Star, I realized the program is more than a series of tempting dishes. This competition among chefs vying for their own television show on the Food Network is really about inbound marketing. Take pointers from the Food Network Star competitors to create your social media strategy, content calendar and maintain brand awareness.

    Maintain a Consistent Point of View

    If you don't know who you are, your social media followers likely don't, either. Point of view, or P.O.V. is a buzzword on Food Network Star. Competitors are required to continually define their personal brand through food and faux television clips, and stick to it. Developing really great food isn't enough to stay in the competition. In the 8th season, competitor Malcolm was sent home despite stellar culinary chops because he simply wasn't able to project a consistent point of view. Make sure each tweet, Facebook post and piece of blog content is consistent with your brand, business philosophy and strategy. Point of view is just as crucial while vying for fresh leads in the inbound marketing arena as it is while competing for your own show.


    Go Above and Beyond

    Secondary to point of view is the ability of competitors on Food Network Star to shed new light on classic topics. Just like your social media followers and blog readers, viewers of the Food Network need stars who can put a new twist on classic topics. From adding a little lobster to a classic BLT sandwich to explaining unusual aspects of New England culinary culture, competitors on Food Network Star are required to bring something fresh to the table. Make sure your content and social media efforts aren't stale or overly familiar by committing to information of real value.


    Take Inspiration From Winners

    The most successful winner of Food Network Star over the 7 seasons was Guy Fieri. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Fieri has achieved household name status among foodies through a unique blend of fun-loving persona and some really spicy California cooking. While originality is essential, take inspiration from some of the top business blogs to develop your own inbound marketing approach. Subscription beauty product delivery service Birchbox excels by showcasing some of the top couture beauty trends on their own employees in content. Stonyfield Farms offers original recipes and money-saving tips. Figure out why these blogs excel and how you can combine their approach with your own point of view to become an inbound marketing superstar.


    Successful competitors on Food Network Star aren't necessarily classically-trained, nor do they have years of executive chef-level experience. The chefs who rise to the top and win their own show are experts at maintaining a consistent persona, telling engaging stories and bringing a fresh twist to familiar dishes and topics. Apply this philosophy to your company's inbound marketing strategy by committing to brand awareness, valuable content and taking a lead from the best in the business.


    It's Your Turn

    We know you watch the Food Network, regardless if you will admit it or not. Let us know who your style most resembles. I am definitely ___________. 


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