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    Inbound Marketing University: An Insider's Guide

    Posted by Jasmine Henry

     Inbound Marketing Certification

    Some of the best things in life actually are free, including Hubspot's comprehensive training program and examination for Inbound Marketing professionals. As a writer, Internet junkie and blog fanatic, receiving this certification was a natural step for my career. I can't recommend the program highly enough for Inbound Marketing, Blogging and Social Media professionals.

    About Me

    I was born a writer, and growing up with the Internet has made me a geek. If I was born a few decades earlier, I'd likely have been a copywriter like Peggy from Mad Men. Like many millenials, I tapped out my first emails over dial-up connections in grade school, and blogged my teenage years on Xanga, Blogger and Myspace.

    I began freelance writing content for business blogs shortly after graduating College. As much as I love the interactive nature of social media, blogs will always be my favorite platform. Hearing a former client tell me that he received an 82% increase in website traffic the first month I wrote content made me realize just how lucky I am to write in this day and age. Inbound Marketing offers writers real-time, honest feedback on the impact of their words.


    Class at IMU consists of 18 lectures, which are approximately 1-hour long. Students are offered optional homework assignments and supplementary reading materials. Hearing from some really significant contributors to the field keeps each lecture fresh. You won't fall asleep in class at IMU like you may have in Freshman Biology. Each of the “guest Professors” bring genuine passion and expertise.

    However, I'm just not much of an auditory learner. I'm a content fanatic, and I struggled to shake my uncontrollable urges to refresh my RSS or Facebook feeds. Even though I didn't skip a class, I was worried that I had missed some important points. In the end, I opted not to listen to the lectures a second time. I printed off all the slides, reviewed them twice and made a few notes in the margins. Developing a customized approach that worked best for my learning style turned out to be a solid plan.

    The Test

    The IMU exam is comprised of 50 questions on topics such as blogging, lead conversion, lead nurturing and social media. Students are given 50 minutes to take the exam. IMU isn't a joke and the only secret to success is being prepared. 99% of us absolutely couldn't take the test cold, and you have to wait 30 days for a re-test if you fail. If you have several years of inbound marketing experience, subscribe to the Hubspot blog and have read the Inbound Marketing book, you might be fine. For the rest of us, it is prudent to plan on approximately 20-25 hours of preparation. You need to have a strong understanding of Inbound Marketing as a comprehensive science, and be able to articulate just how each of the pieces fit together.

    The Result

    I somehow thought I would receive some inclination of my IMU exam score – or just a thumbs up or down – immediately after taking the test. Instead, I was rewarded with a screen that informed me I would receive my score in approximately 3 days. I knew I had passed, but I was anxious to know whether I had received the requisite 90% to graduate with honors. Almost exactly 72 hours later, I learned my IMU score was 96%.

    While Hubspot says I'm now an Inbound Marketing Expert, I consider myself a student of this evolving science. Social media, blogs and search engine techniques are dynamic and continuing education is critical to success in this field. Inbound Marketing is just the beginning, and I'm committed to going along for the ride.


    Inbound Marketing Agents is excited to welcome Jasmine Henry to our team as our new Content Manager and congratulate her on passing IMU with Honors (all IMA employees are required to pass IMU with honors). Jasmine will be contributing on a regular basis to our blog, creating content for client's, and writing upcoming eBooks and white papers.  Please contact Jasmine (jasmine@inboundmarketingagents.com) if you would like to submit a guest article and she will send you the criteria.  Welcome to Jasmine!
    Bill Faeth, President - Inbound Marketing Agents

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