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    Social Media Strategy: Using Google+ A Year later

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Optimizing with Google+





    Google+ remains a mystery to even some of the most experienced social media marketers. The network is still a relative infant among powerhouses Twitter and Facebook, having recently reached the one-year anniversary of the invite-only release on June 28, 2011. Having a brand presence on Google+ is essential, due to the strong SEO benefits of maintaining an updated, complete profile.


    Each social media network presents a unique set of demographics, which provide a powerful basis for companies to structure social media efforts with buyer personas in mind.  Google+ is particularly unique among social media networks because users are overwhelming male and American. Following the initial release of the platform in June of 2011, most users were employed in the technology industry. Demographics have since shifted to include a high number of students, though tech workers are still a significant portion. Keep these unique demographics in mind while setting up Google+ for blog distribution.

    What Makes Google+ Unique

    The potential of Google+ for blog distribution and high-octane inbound marketing is high. One of the primary benefits is the relationship between Google search and Google+, offering the potential for SEO results. Take advantage of the Circles feature, which allows you to group followers and hand-pick which updates are released to each circle. The Hangouts facilitates video chats between up to 10 users. Unlike Twitter, there is no character limit for updates, allowing you to publish full-length pieces of blog content.


    One of the most tangible benefits of Google+ for blog distribution is the potential for readers to click +1 to demonstrate an affinity for your content. Be sure to include a +1 option among other social media widgets on your blog, including the ability Share on Facebook, Tweet and pin to Pinterest.  Adding a +1 to content is easy for readers, requiring no more than a simple click. The +1 action delivers real SEO results, increasing the ranking of the content in search engines. Make it easy for your blog readers to expand your Google+ blog distribution within their personal circles and in search results.

    Double Whammy

    A frequently-updated, Google+ page can provide extra top-page results on Google. Active, optimized Google+ profiles are listed with other first-page results. Optimizing Google+ for blog distribution requires many of the same SEO tactics required for your business blog. Fill out all fields, including your location and an image of your company logo. Create a keyword-rich description which  succinctly introduces your organization to search engines and page viewers. Add Google+ to your  various social media accounts for blog distribution, sharing links to content within your circles following each new post. Maintaining an active presence on Google+ for blog distribution requires about the same effort as other social media platforms, though the search engine traffic can be significant.

    Don't neglect Google+ for blog distribution in favor of more established social media networks. The key to success is viewing your profile like any other website. Draft a thoughtful, location-specific introduction to your organization and brand, and include frequent, high-quality updates for best results.


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