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    Guest Blogging Tips: You Have to Give to Get!

    Posted by Pat Owings

    Guest Blogging can be Powerful if Executed Correctly

    Guest posts are far from altruistic. By building relationships with well-known bloggers, you can earn publicity, social media followers and inbound links, which will drive traffic and SEO. The secret to using guest posts to drive leads isn't to craft an irresistible sales pitch. Win over readers with your wit and words by using the content to deliver real value and establish expertise. Before pitching an idea, immerse yourself in the unspoken rules of guest posting to ensure you don't come across as desperate for PR.


    Identify the Blog Just like all aspects of marketing, guest posts aren't all about you. Make sure your guest post pays off by identifying the best places to pitch your guest post. Identify the segment of your market that engages on blogs and where they tend to congregate. Like keyword strategy, specialized blogs often hold the highest potential for a guest post home run. Put yourself in the shoes of one or several of your buyer personas to figure out where to engage. Ensure the blog has enough dedicated readers to provide ROI for your effort.


    Know the Site Perform research on each blog before crafting a proposal. Read any available information describing the site, particularly the blogger's biography. Your product or services should enhance the blogger's values and mission. Research recent content and popular categories to make sure the idea you are pitching is fresh. Even if the target blog is highly specialized and perfectly fits your products and services, know the recent content well enough to propose a genuinely unique idea.


    Pitch a Home Run Craft a short, efficient email that outlines your organization and  proposal for a guest post. Sell yourself and keep it brief, because well-known bloggers receive a shocking amount of emails asking for space on their site. Set yourself apart in as few words as practical, and keep the pitch brief. Politeness is key in asking for a guest post, especially in case you receive a rejection or no response. Bloggers are famously well-connected online, and you wouldn't want to earn a reputation as being pushy, rude or presumptuous. Politely dealing with rejection can increase your chances of scoring a guest post in the future.


    Keep it Classy Guest posts should always offer significant value to blog readers without a visible price tag attached. While crafting a guest post, think of the opportunity as a way to promote your expertise, not necessarily your products or services. Don't be obnoxious about promoting your company, because nothing will turn off potential customers faster than a hard sell. While inbound links are SEO gold, ask the hosting blogger about their policy before peppering the content with paths to landing pages. Focusing on delivering smart, relevant information will help your bottom line far more than blatant self-promotion.


    Few good things come without a price, so ensure each step of pitching and delivering a guest post is steeped in undeniable value and professionalism. A house guest would never beg for sales at every possible opportunity, so approach a blog with the same attitude as you would a dinner party. Earn your inbound link by using the content to provide unique information.  You can tap into new market by delivering real quality and value to blog readers.


    If you would like to write a guest blog article for Inbound Marketing Agents please email our Content Manager at agent@inboundmarketingagents.com for criteria.


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