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    How to Hijack Twitter Lists for Potential Prospects

    Posted by Bill Faeth

     How to Hijack Twitter Lists to Prospect New Customers


    Some social media purists may have an issue with this blog title and the use of the word 'Hijacking', but there is no difference between someone else's public Twitter List and using a resource like Hoover's or Jigsaw to access potential prospects information except for one thing. You can immediately start a conversation with your potential prospect and follow their conversations on Twitter.  You can't do this with Hoover's or Jigsaw.

    If you have a potential prospect or competitor that is curating people or businesses into a list and it is public then it is fair game for you. This is not about social media, this is about SALES.  Every good salesperson had better be good at data mining and locating potential prospects for their pipeline.  Using your competitors Twitter Lists is a great place to start in a five easy steps.

    As long as a list is public, you will have access to it and can subscribe to it and quickly gain access to hundreds if not thousands of potential prospects.  This may single handedly be the easiest way to start following a large number of potential customers.


    1)  Create your own list (on paper) of your Top 5 Competitors and then see if they are on Twitter and have lists.  If there lists are public then subscribe to them.

    2)  Locate a group of lists that contain influencer's within your industry and then create your own new lists or lists with these people. Now you can send a couple of tweets letting them know you have created a list of these influencer's and ask them to subscribe to it.

    3)  'Listen' to existing conversations before you start to engage with the people on the list to start to understand what your target audience is looking for.

    4)  Now that you know what they are looking for and understand the conversations they are having about a similar product or service you offer, you can start to engage with them.

    5)  Create your own lists of these new prospects within your Twitter account. It is up to you is you want your lists to be private or public. We keep our client lists private and regular lists public.


    Getting social with your prospects and building your community via new resources is vital in keeping your pipeline filled with prospects.  Why wouldn't you want to use other people's Twitter lists to do this?  We would love to hear your comments below.


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