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    To Pin, or Not To Pin? Pinterest Promotion 101

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Pinterest Promotion 101

    is the new kid on the block in the world of social media. The website hit the top 10 list of social media platforms in December 2011, and remains the fastest-growing unique website ever. You would be foolish to miss out on this exponential growth by creating an account on Pinterest for business blog promotion. While the fast-paced, highly visual nature of this newcomer will take some adjustment, leverage the popularity of Pinterest for business blog promotion. 

    Getting Started 

    Create and maintain an active Pinterest account for your business blog. Take advantage of the 150-character description to introduce potential followers to your organization and blog. Make sure your description is rich with relevant keywords, optimizing Pinterest for business blog promotion. Create thoughtful boards, which represent topics within your area of expertise and blog content. If your business is inbound marketing, categorize posts among several categories, including SEO, social media and blog content.

    Make Pinterest Part of Your Work Flow

    Every time a new piece of blog content is realized, add it to your Pinterest board. Categorize the content and use Pinterest for business blog promotion by including a clever tagline that will drive traffic. Pin with short, pithy descriptions that are no longer than one sentence. Longer descriptions will often drive away potential pins.

    Pin It!

    In addition to options like, share, tweet and follow your content, you should offer blog readers an easy, visible means to pin your content directly from your website and blog. Providing an easy way for your readers to share the content within their own circles will allow extra exposure for Pinterest promotion especially if you are linking the images back to your content.


    In the world of Pinterest, a picture can be worth a thousand page views. Images are key to the success of Pinterest for business blog promotion. When a Pinterest user logs on, they encounter a feed of items recently pinned by people they follow. Depending on the size of their network, only the most striking images could inspire further investigation. Blog with Pinterest in mind by using intriguing, appealing images that will serve as inspiring calls to action. To optimize images on Pinterestyou’re your business blog promotion, include medium-sized images.


    An account on Pinterest for business blog promotion doesn't have to solely focus on your content. Leverage trending topics among your followers by using Pinterest to curate exceptional content in your field. It is easy to tell which items are most popular in your circles, based on the number of likes and repins you receive. Whether your circles are crazy about infographics or instructional articles, curate content with this popularity in mind. An active, relevant account is crucial to leveraging Pinterest for business blog promotion.

    Many business bloggers mistakenly believe that Pinterest is reserved for sharing information on fashion trends, hairstyles and healthy recipes. Pinterest's demographics reveal a wider range of interests. Don't  waste the opportunity to jump in and use Pinterest for business blog promotion. By optimizing images for the biggest impact and adding Pinterest to your workflow, you'll love the simplicity of using Pinterest for business blog promotion. 



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    Image credit: Grant Cochrane/freedigitalphotos.net

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