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    How to Use Secret Facebook Groups for Business

    Posted by Bill Faeth

     Facebook's Hidden Gem for Collaboration

    Secret Facebook Groups are one of the hidden gems of the platform that most businesses don't know about. A Secret group is an easy for businesses to create and manage small group interactions in a completely private setting.

    Anyone with a Facebook account is able to set up and use a Secret Group.  This is not exclusive or available via Business Pages, but is a great resource especially for small businesses that don't use tools like Salesforce, Yammer, or BaseCamp for callaboration, coordinating schedules, and sharing marketing ideas.

    There are three types of Secret Groups:

    • Public: anyone can see your Group and find it in search
    • Closed: anyone can see your group, but only members can see and make posts
    • Secret:  only members can see and make posts

    Facebook Secret GroupsAccess Facebook Groups at:  http://facebook.com/groups

    Secret Group Security

    • Secret Groups are not indexed by Google
    • If someone has the URL to your Secret Group they can not gain access without being invited
    • If your Secret Group URL is posted in another Secret Group, the URL is still not visible or accessible

    Note:  You will receive notifications to your personal News Feed, but only you will be able to see them, not your Friends.


    Creating a Secret Group

    You must first have a personal Facebook account to create a Secret Group:

    1. Go to http://facebook.com/groups
    2. Click on Create Group
    3. Name your Group and select your icon from the drop down menu
    4. Add members to your Secret Group (you must be friends with them to add to the group); add them to the member box
    5. If you wish to include members who are not your friends, create the Group as 'Closed' first, then change the Group setting to Secret
    6. Select your Privacy Setting and click Create


    Below are screen shots for each step in creating your Group

    Facebook Secret GroupRemember your Group MUST be Closed if you are going to add members you are not friends with.


    Facebook Secret GroupSelect your Secret Group icon (this is optional).


    facebook secret group

    Remember to switch your Group Setting from 'Closed" to "Secret" if you have invited members that you are not friends with in the previous step.



    Facebook Secret GroupBefore you start using your new Secret Group we would recommend that you check your Settings.  The Settings icon is located on the right side of your new feed under the pictures.


    Your Secret Group is now ready for private use with your members. Start sharing photos, email addresses, and collaborating on projects.




    Click me Image credit: digitalart/freedigitalphotos.net

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