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    High Alert! Signs You Need SEO Help

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Do You Need SEO Help?

    If your only blog reader is your Mother, you definitely need SEO help. Consider search engine optimization practices as a real solution if your business blog readership is low, decreasing or below targets. Adopt methods to increase your readership, crawl rate and conversions without sacrificing your quality content. If SEO is even on your radar, you likely need it. 

    Rule Your Area of Expertise Summarize your company in several words and plug this information into a major search engine such as Google, MSN or Bing. Whether you are a patent lawyer in Detroit or a multimedia artist in Taos, searching this description can reveal how you stack up against others in your field. If search engine rankings among competitors are low or don't even break the first page, you need SEO help.

    Own Your Business Name When searching for the name of your organization, you should never be immediately hit with results from independent review websites or other, unaffiliated listings. If your company website doesn't entirely own the first page of search results, you should consider increasing the quality and quantity of content for some serious SEO help.

    Introduce Yourself Think of titles and descriptions as a way to introduce your website to major search engines. If your description on your business blog doesn't tell a reader in approximately 150 characters exactly what your business does, you definitely need some SEO help. Take advantage of the prime real estate of page titles and page descriptions to pack in essential keywords and really summarize your mission. If your pages are untitled or the description only reveals the CEO's favorite ice cream flavors, enlist techniques for SEO help. 

    Don't Wait for Inspiration to Hit If you are updating your business blog on an inconsistent or occasional basis, you definitely need the SEO help associated with frequent, high-quality blog posts. Avoid major business blog faux pas to avoid driving away readers, but make a content calendar to help you deliver information on a regular basis. Consider guest posts or content curation as a way to increase the rate at which you publish. You'll love the SEO help derived from frequent updates.

    Earn Inbound Links Consider each inbound link to your business blog as one of the best forms of SEO help. Inbound links help your website establish credibility among major search engines. While there is no sure-fire formula for achieving a high number of inbound links among your competitors, improve your chances by publishing intelligent, technical content that will gain attention in your field. Book reviews, infographics and responses to major current events can also help you gain attention and inbound links. 

    Learn Key Techniques If you are oblivious to the hottest trending keywords in your industry, enlist SEO help as soon as practical. Learn which specific keywords are driving traffic to your website and to the pages of competitors. Incorporating specific keywords often yields the biggest surge of traffic. Outsmart the search engines by using keywords in content titles, photo descriptions and ALT text. 

    Don't let search engine traffic flood the pages of your competitors because you didn't ask for SEO help. While the algorithms of major search engines are constantly evolving, great SEO practices can help you achieve and maintain a high ranking. By producing high-quality, technical content which includes the most relevant keywords, you will quickly see your search engine rankings rise. 
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