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    Keyword Analysis - The 1st Step to Great Blog Articles

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    The 1st Step To Blogging Succes

    Marketing your company through a business blog would be simple if you could read the minds of your market. Consider keyword analysis the top method of accurately predicting the needs and behavior of future customers without being psychic. By identifying the top search terms which are driving traffic in your industry, you can dramatically increase the number of leads and conversions which land generated by your business blog.

    Use your time wisely Spend your time optimizing keywords that offer real potential to improve your organization's bottom line. Every marketer knows the frustration of spending time on a project that results in little return on investment (ROI).
    Keyword analysis can help you anticipate the behavior of your future leads and customers. Apply the information you gain through keyword analysis to tailor your blog-content to the priorities of your market. Keyword analysis can also offer real truth about the topics you've been wasting time and resources writing about.

    Target new markets By identifying and applying the top keywords driving traffic, you can open your doors to a flood of new leads. You would hate to lose business to your competitors simply because you haven't identified the hottest keywords of the moment in your business blog content. Expanding the topics and keywords featured on your business blog can bring a surge of fresh leads. 

    Stay informed on hot trends in your industry. You could be surprised at the search terms which are driving traffic among consumers. Keyword analysis doesn't just offer insight into improving blog traffic, crawl rate and conversion rate. Analyzing trends can improve the ROI of your entire marketing plan. Smart marketers will apply information gained from keyword analysis to all areas of marketing, including social media and landing pages.

    Get Specific with Keywords The secret to developing a dedicated following of blog readers and increasing search engine traffic isn't churning out a lot of boring content which describes your products or services in general terms. One of the top benefits of a business blog is the opportunity to establish expertise by getting a little nerdy in some of your content.
    keyword analysis
    Few consumers search for information on general products or services.Your potential customers are looking for the best solution to a specific problem. Address salient terms through business blog content centered around specific terms. Keyword analysis will allow you to identify which solutions are most needed in your market. Produce intelligent content which is tailored to answer these frequently asked questions.

    Be clever when applying keyword analysis for SEO. Avoid losing dedicated readers by sacrificing quality for quantity. Many SEO experts recommend striving for a keyword density of approximately 1.5%-3% for best results without interrupting the overflow of the language. Consider including multiple keywords in each article or be a little sneaky about maximizing their usage. ALT text associated with photos, photo descriptions and titles are all prime real estate for increasing keyword density of the hottest search terms. 

    Keyword analysis allows marketers access to a clear image of the trends and needs which are driving consumers on search engines. Adopting analytics can help you tailor your marketing approach to achieve the highest possible ROI for your business blog and web content. While your blog may offer the best content among your competitors, ensure you are current with top trends and keywords by using any applying keyword analysis. 

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