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    Use the Force of SEO to Become a Blogging Jedi

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    "Blog Everday Young Skywalker"

    A  critical element of your overall search engine marketing strategy is a business blog.  Your business blog is one of the most important channels that you can use to increase your SEO, content for social media publication, and PR.

    Many people may not be familiar with the recent changes to the Google search algorithm? If your not, you should be because content is truly king and if your content is shared it becomes the Emperor of SEO and leads. 

    So, use the force young Skywalker and start creating compelling content for your blog.  And lots of it because your blog frequency impacts customer acquisition and your SEO.Because a business blog does not normally provide for a direct sale, it must contribute to your marketing strategy in other ways.  It can, for example:

    • Provide factual help to the reader and become a resource to potential customers for the products or services that you sell or promote
    • Increase your brand awareness
    • Keep you top of mind when a potential buyer needs the products or services that you sell
    • Great content will get shared by your readers creating links
    • Links will help boost your SEO and generate more readers expanding the reach of your blog

     What is your SEO Strategy?

    Help the customer - A business blog, by its very nature, should include articles that are helpful to potential customers.  You can explain details of your product or service and its use in a way that you cannot in any other forum. Use keywords that describe the solutions you offer and the products that you sell. 

    As potential customers are searching for answers to help solve their problem, your keyword strategy will rank your site higher. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of times every day someone is looking for some facet of the products and services that you are selling.  They especially will ask long tailed questions or searches about your products or some element, benefit or feature of your products. Target these long tailed keywords and use them in your blog articles. They create more targted traffic and are easier to rank for.

    Because the blog is a free form set of articles that describe your product, your business blog is much more likely to be ranked when these more complex questions are asked.  Your blog can be the go-to place that those questions are answered. Once you have published multiple articles on a topic then use your blog articles to create an eBook.

    Use rich and fresh content - To be most effective at increasing your SEO ranking, regularly create new and more complex postings.  Perhaps create a series of entries that deal in detail with specific aspects of the products or services that you sell. 

    A business blog is an unlimited set of responses that can be evergreen – installing some mechanical device, or refinishing a floor does not change rapidly and your data can become a “bible” for those that need information on your products.  With more articles in the blog it creates more opportunities for the potential buyer to find your blog as a result of a search.

    Let your SEO strategy look for new audiences - Providing “How-To” information will attract a set of potential purchasers that may not come into contact with your organization in any other way.  With the changes in SEO algorithms, solid and meaningful content is more valuable than ever.  Writing your business blog entries to be of use to the reader simultaneously makes the content rank higher in the search results.

    Takeaway -  The real reason to have a business blog is that it will draw in a set of viewers that would not otherwise come into contact with your digital marketing network.  By answering actual questions designed to help the reader, you will open your brand up to a new group of potential customers, and will increase your sales volume as a result.

    • Blog as often as you can.  I mean as much as you can. 
    • Use long-tailed keywords in your title, header tags, alt text, and in your article body
    • Use secondary long-tailed keywords in your meta description
    • Publish your blog articles to your social media channels, in LinkedIn groups (that are relevant and open), on bookmarking sites
    • Expand on your blog articles and turn them into a white paper or eBook
    • DON"T wire for search bots, write for your readers
    • Avoid these blogging mistakes

    Lastly, check out our free SEO for Bloggers Checklist.

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