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    10 Tips to Increase Traffic for Your Business Blog

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Blog Traffic = Leads & SEO

    If your efforts to deliver high-quality content through your business blog aren't being rewarded with a surge of traffic, don't quit before you get ahead. Increasing traffic to your business blog can be as simple as subtle changes in your methods. Promote your content through social media and bookmarking sites and maintain a frequent presence to keep your readers engaged.
    1. Write well and write often, striving to release high-quality content at least 2-3 times weekly. Write in a conversational tone and conclude blog entries with strong calls to action that inspire blog readers to engage by leaving a comment. Committing to writing content on a regular basis can also benefit your search engine rankings. The algorithms of many major search engines rank content according to recency and quality.
    2. Submit your business blog to major search engines to ensure your content is quickly indexed. While the information will likely be included in search engines eventually, manually submitting your URL can drive search engine traffic as quickly as possible.
    3. Submit links of your best content to bookmarking sites, which offer free or low-cost publicity. Bookmarking sites offer the chance to network with similar business blogs. Use the ratings feature of several major bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious as constructive feedback to improve your approach.
    4. Promote your content on each of your active social media accounts. Drive followers of your brand to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to your organization website by posting tantalizing descriptions of content and a link to blog entries. Develop a workflow which allows you to automatically or quickly update social media profiles each time a new business blog entry is publishes.
    5. Update and maintain your blogroll with links to other business blogs. Include business blogs which roll out high-quality content of possible interest to your readers. When other organizations notice a surge of traffic from your blog, they may return the favor. Running occasional feature posts that discuss the positive attributes of other business blogs in your local community can also inspire link love.
    6. Harness the power of comments to present an image of attentive customer service to blog readers. Even negative comments can offer significant value to your organization's image. Avoid the temptation to delete remarks from detractors, but offer a positive, thoughtful response focused on solutions.
    7. Syndicating your business blog content by installing an RSS feed can help you dominate search engine results, expand readership and increase traffic. Really Simple Syndication is included in search engine algorithms and allows readers to receive content on their own terms. Be sure and include visible links to allow readers to subscribe.
    8. Use links and trackbacks throughout blog content as a way to engage with other business blogs. Include links to other relevant content on your business blog to encourage readers to click through to the entry, a phenomenon known as crawl rate. Trackbacks attempt to notify the owner of the linked blog, and can inspire them to return the favor.
    9. Don't neglect tagging your posts to unleash a higher crawl rate across other content. Take the time to describe each piece of blog content with relevant categories, hot buzzwords and key search terms.
    10. Include relevant, eye-catching images with each business blog entry to draw in your readers. Don't forget to include keyword-loaded ALT text on each image, which can drive additional traffic through Google Image search.
    Promoting your blog and increasing traffic doesn't need to be an enormous time commitment. Taking advantage of quick, smart tips such as blogrolls, ALT text and bookmarking sites to increase visibility. Blog smarter, not harder, to build a dedicated fan base and acquire new readers.
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