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    The Power of Social Media Distribution for Your Business Blog

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Take Your Blog Social

    Creating high-quality content for your business blog offers limited value for your bottom line if the blog isn't being read. If you are hoping to bring unprecedented exposure to your business blog, unleash the power of your social media accounts. Social media distribution is free and will offer free exposure to a wider segment of your followers. Distributing content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin holds the potential to convert fans and followers into dedicated, engaged blog readers.

    Why You Need Social Media  If your company doesn't have professional accounts on major social media networks, you should launch profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus as soon as practical. Social media networking is a simple way for connecting with your fans and customers multiple times daily. Once you've mastered the flow of promoting your organization on major social media networks, consider reaching wider audiences with Tumblr, .ME, or various article directories like Digg, Stumbleupon, and Delicious.

    The Nitty-Gritty  Social media blog distribution is known as a viral marketing method, which may sound negative initially. A more positive euphemism for this method is free publicity. Driving traffic to your business blog by writing an exciting description of your content and posting a link is among the cheapest ways to gain new eyes on your business blog content. Social media engagement can offer additional publicity which extends beyond the original business blog post. Each fan inspired to re-tweet or share the link with members of their own network carries your message on even further.

    Unleash the Power  Understand the relative strengths of each social media platform for driving traffic. Develop a structured work flow for posting business blog content across various social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all offer convenient and easy ways to automatically post links. Once you've achieved a new flow of traffic to your business blog, don't forget to include links to all of your various social media profiles on each landing page. Your fans may not realize that you also are active on Twitter and Linkedin, and could be inspired by the content of your business blog to follow you on these other platforms. 

    Advanced Tips  If a low percentage of your social media followers choose to actively engage within the network or follow links to your business blog, consider ways to increase engagement. Run a contest asking facebook followers to comment on a destination blog post or share your link to win a prize. Recognize the potential for recycling quality content on your business blog. While many social media experts recommend posting between 3-5 times a day, you will likely produce content for your business blog at 3-5 times per week. Feel free to recycle evergreen content by posting on social media. Better yet, be clever about working links to blog content into other forms of social media engagement. Respond to questions from followers and fans with a thoughtful, comprehensive answer followed by a link to a related post on your business blog. 

    Diversity is key to unlocking the power of social media distribution for your business blog. Recognize your Facebook fans, members of your Linkedin network and your twitter followers as distinct groups of business leads. Maintaining an engaged presence on each social media network can distribute your blog content much further than search engines. Strive to achieve shares and retweets for some of the cheapest and best publicity available.
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