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    Content Marketing Can Curb Saturday Morning Home Invasions

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    The End of Home Invasion Marketing

    Guest post by: Tom Schwab, Goodbye Crutches

    This Saturday morning I was reminded of how far effective marketing has progressed.  All was right with the world.  At 8:30 I had a cup of coffee and the Weekend Journal as I  sat on the back deck admiring the lawn just cut the night before.  The kids were asleep after being up late the night before; one on the computer finishing a semester project and the other watching You Tube videos.
    Then chaos erupted.  The dog was barking and jumping at the front door.  It wasn’t a squirrel but someone selling educational books for children.  Shocked I did anything I could to get him to go away and get the dog to stop barking:  We’re not interested, we don’t have kids, we’re not literate.  When asked what neighbors had kids, I lied.  Not many kids in this neighborhood, just homes with swing sets and grass that won’t grow.
    What business owner still thinks this is an effective way to attract and close customers, I began to wonder once back with my coffee.  The old methods of interruption marketing make me not want to buy:  Interrupt my favorite TV show – I’m not buying from you, robocall me on my personal cell phone – I’m not voting for you, Knock on my door – I’m calling the cops.
    Old interruption marketing has become counter effective at best and insulting at worst.
    Yet the foundations of marketing have not changed.  The company must identify leads, engage them and educate them to ultimately convert them to paying profitable customers.  That is why inbound marketing is the future.
    Let me present a new reality of Inbound Marketing to the business that knocked on my door.
    We’ve noticed the kids spend a lot of time on the computer instead of reading.  As parents this concerns us.  We would like to have them read more educational books.  We kick the kids of the computer and Google “Educational Books”
    Note: I’m your ideal customer trying to find you
    I skip over Amazon because I’m not ready to buy – just doing research.  An article titled “10 Best Educational Books for Teen Girls” surely get’s my attention.  I visit the site and read the blog.
    Note: You are engaging me and educating me
    There is another one about “How Grandparents Can Help Kids Read”, since we were just talking about this last week I read the article and forward it to both set of Grandparents.
    Note: I’m finding you more ideal customers
    At the end of a blog there is a Call To Action for “The Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Teens Read More”.  I gladly fill out the form with my email address and other information that allows me to receive relevant and targeted information.
    Note:  You just made a Prospect a Lead
    Over the next few days I get great emails with helpful information, suggestions and coupons.  Now that the weekend is over I don’t have time to research other companies, but I do have time to click through many of the links on the emails.  One link gives free shipping today, so I go ahead and buy a few books,
    Note:  You just made a customer and it cost you a fraction of the door to door salesman
    About the time the girls finish both the books, I get an email about a program where I can send the books back and get credit towards new books.  Together with the girls we go online and start to input their wish list.  It’s just like Netflix, so they quickly come up with a years worth of wants.
    Note:  You have a stream of recurring revenue
    Sure it doesn’t always work like this.  I could have unsubscribed to the emails at any time.  Chances are, I would have no ill will to your brand or company.  Your company cost would have been minimal.  Content marketing clearly provides a more cost effective, scalable and more effective process that older interruption marketing.  If you’re still convinced that the old methods of door to door, interruption based, home invasion marketing works, here’s a hint:  Bring dog treats.  At least the dog will have a positive impression of you company.  

    This is a guest post by Tom Schwab, President of Goodbye Crutches, the nation's largest ecommerce distributer of alternatives to crutches and an ardent user of content marketing.


    image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/chanpipat

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