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    Business Blog Blues - How To Defeat Writers Block

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    How to Beat the Business Blogging Blues

    Every writer knows the frustration of staring with panic at a blank document while a deadline rapidly approaches. While modern marketing is driven by data and analytics, try to view blog content as a creative process to defeat writers block. Whether you are struggling to produce quality content multiple days a week or just getting your business blog off the ground, develop clear strategies to ensure your creative process is uninhibited by last-minute panic.  

    • Don't be afraid to get a little nerdy on your business blog every once in a while. You are an expert in the products and services offered by your company, so feel free to consider your business blog a bit of a podium. While highly technical blog content on a regular basis can cause casual readers to run for the hills, consider the many benefits of giving your readers an occasional crash course in a specialized topic. Spouting data and facts can even benefit your company's search engine rankings. Technical content is most often back-linked by other web content, which plays into the algorithm of many major search engines.


    • Develop a content calendar for your business blog that will allow even the busiest marketers to ensure their content is diverse. Many marketers strive to plan approximately 3 months of business blog content in a tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Calendar. Use upcoming holidays and discussions of controversial current events to add variety to your usual blog topics. When you receive rare bursts of inspiration, schedule future blog entries with a title and keyword to jog your memory as the deadline approaches.


    • Feed your soul with exposure to arts to ensure you have sufficient input for quality business blog content. Despite the highly technical nature of SEO, generating inbound marketing content is essentially a creatively-driven process. Exposing yourself to some of the top business blogs, taking a day at a film festival or reading challenging literature could provide the cognitive stimulation necessary  to breathe new life into your business blog.


    • Answer some of the questions frequently asked by leads and customers. Don't overestimate the amount of time and effort website visitors are willing to commit to researching the answers to their burning questions. Check in on a regular basis with your customer service or sales teams to take advantage of the insight gleaned from their regular contact with your leads base. Use the most commonly asked questions as inspiration for informational blog content. For a blog reader, viewing this information on your business blog could be exactly what is needed to be converted into a loyal customer.


    • Spin customer testimonials into case studies. If a recent customer takes the time to send an email to your sales team detailing the benefits they or their company have received from your services, they'll almost certainly agree to have their story featured on your business blog. Leads love hearing stories of real, unpaid customers whose expectations have been exceeded by quality products and top-notch customer service. Conclude each testimonial by asking your readers about their experiences with your organization. You could receive more glowing commentary or identify some detractors with whom you can work to salvage the relationship.


    While it can be tempting to focus entirely on reproducing blog topics which have the strongest history of converting leads into customers, don't deplete your business blog's appeal or your own creativity by continually producing repetitive content. Your business blog is a powerful platform for branding your organization, spurring engagement with your fan base and establishing expertise. Make sure your content is sufficiently varied to help you meet your goals.
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