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    Why You Need a Stable of Horses for Your Business Blog

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Add a Few Workhorses to Your Blogging Team


    If you are a small business owner you are busy running your business.  We understand that blogging can take some significant time.  This is why you want to get some assistance from your staff, especially the ones that are in contact with your customers and have a little writing ability.

    By now you have selected your blogging platform, set up your content calendar with keywords and catchy titles, now it is time to fill your team of content creators. Your team doesn't need to be stocked with thoroughbreds as work horses will do just fine. You just need a little support if you want to be aggressive with your blogging schedule and the results will follow.

    Follow these steps to set up your blogging team:


    1.  Explain to your selected team how blogging will benefit the company.  You will need to get their buy-in by letting them know how blogging will increase lead generation and assist in the sales process.

    2.  Let your team know that they will be showcased in the blog. Include their picture and a brief bio of each team member. Most marketing and sales people have a little vanity in their personality.

    3.  Assign topics and titles based on each members expertise.  If a team member is in product development let them blog about your products and keep them away from customer service.

    4.  Set the schedule and hold them to it. This is part of their job.  The better you do at communicating #1 the easier it will be to get your team on board.

    5.  Set up an internal team contest to start. The blog that generates the most comments or ReTweets will win a prize. This will also help with social sharing by the individual writers which will increase the reach of your blog

    6.  Assign one person to edit and post each blog post.  Even if you don't have someone on staff with editorial experience you want more than one set of eyes on each post.

    7.  Establish the standards for each blog post.  Assign the blog topics and keywords, length of each article, tone, and call to action.

    8.  After each team member has submitted their 1st article thank them for participating and give them a small reward.

    9.  Start to build your guest blogger stable by commenting and interacting with other blogs within your industry. As you build a relationship with other bloggers, ask them if they would guest blog for you.  Once you have established your blog and have some articles under your belt ask to become a guest blogger to build your reach through additional blogs.


    The better you work as team the better your content creation will become. Be sure that your team understands that there is no right or wrong way to write a blog and stay positive even if there posts are not what you expect. 


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