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    Social Media Strategy: 4 Tips for Using LinkedIn Mobile

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Social Media Strategy For Business - Using LinkedIn On
     The Go


    Yes, LinkedIn should be part of your daily social media strategy especially if you are in a B2B business. Now if you are like most, you are always on the go and probably spend more time on the road meeting clients or networking which makes LinkedIn Mobile that much more important to stay connected and due some quick research.

    The new LinkedIn Mobile site is extremely powerful and fairly intuitive to use.  Just don't use it while you are driving to your next meeting. 11% of LinkedIn's total page views are attributed to mobile page views. That is a lot considering they have 135 million users on the social platform for professionals.

    On Sunday we wrote about How to Quickly Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile. Today we are providing you with the 4 tips for using LinkedIn Mobile while on the go.

    1. Research

    Prior to walking into a prospective client's office for a first meeting, fire up LinkedIn in the parking lot and take a quick look at their profile.  Even if you have already done this at this office, it is always good to refresh your memory and make some connection points via interests or mutual connections.


    Social Media Strategy


    2. Stay Connected with Updates

    Not sure about you, but during the day LinkedIn is our go to app to stay connected with prospect and client updates. Sure we monitor Twitter, but if someone is going to post relevant business information we get it from a LinkedIn profile or group Update.

    LinkedIn mobile provides you with a scrollable list of your connections' updates that is very easy to use.  When you click on a link you are provided with a brief summary of the article instead of being directed to the full post. From this page you can also click directly into the profile of the connection who shared the article.


    LinkedIn Mobile Updates


    3. Quick Connections

    Timing is everything.  How many times have we heard this? Searching for a new connection is quick and easy so immediately plug in your new connections name in the search tab while you are walking to your car after your meeting and ask them to connect.  Not only will this impress your prospect with how fast you requested their connection, but it will help them remember you as they see your compelling updates. Remember your business card is already in buried in the top drawer of their desk and they won't be able to find it later.


    LinkedIn search


    4. Manage Invitations

    Managing your invitations to connect on the go via the mobile site is much faster than on the desktop version of LinkedIn. If you are getting 10-15 invitations a day, and we hope you are, then you probably hate sitting at your desk and having to review each request  an accept invitations after scanning all of your emails.

    The notification feature will let you know when you have a new invite. Simply tap the LinkedIn logo in the top left corner and then "inbox" to view and accept your invitations.

    We would love to hear what you think? Are you using LinkedIn mobile?  How do you use it?


    image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/phanlop88 

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