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    How To Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy (Infographic)

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Inbound marketing can be very complex, with mutliple channels to manage, social media strategies to implement, blogging and content creation, search emgine optimization (SEO) generating qualified leads, social media, and of course measurement of successes and failures.

    Your inbound marketing strategy should hinge on the 4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing.  It may seem confusing to many, so check out the infographic below as it will breakdown the process for you visually and alleviate some of the inbound marketing confusion.

    Our friends at IMPACT Branding & Design have put together this infographic that will help business owers and marketers pull together the channels of the inbound marketing methodology.


    The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic
    Note:  One key point in this infographic that we see many businesses miss is Step 4 - Convert Traffic to Leads.  If you are not using landing pages to capture lead data then what is the point of SEO and driving traffic to your website. If you have a well optimized site and are not capturing leads, then please, please, start today.  There are plenty of sites that specialize in landing page design that you can create easily and add to your site.  If you would like help with this or your inbound marketing strategy click on the Request Free Marketing Assessment below and we will not only show you how your current marketing plan is working, but compare it to your competitors.


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