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    4 Quick Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for SEO

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    How To Quickly Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

    Many business owners turn to LinkedIn and start a profile because someone has told them they need too, but they never fully complete it, let alone optimize it.  This article will give you three tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so get found in not only LinkedIn searches, but also by Google.


    1. Create Vanity URLs

    LinkedIn assigns all new profiles a numeric profile name, which is fine for LinkedIn, but search engines and humans are not able to locate you outside of LinkedIn. You have the option of creating a Vanity URL that will make your profile more SEO friendly and much easier for potential connections to search. How to Create a LinkedIn Vanity URL.


    2. Job Description Keywords

    Many add their actual job title into the job description section when creating their profile. We are here to tell you that if your want to be found, add keywords. This will optimize search results both on and off of LinkedIn.  Since most people forget this step you will have a distinct competitive advantage in search results.

    LinkedIn Profile OptimizationAs you can see in my profile, my job description is using keywords to describe what I do. It's much more effective than if I used my standard title of President.


    3. DoFollow URLs

    When adding your website URL to your profile don't use the standard "Company Website". Click on "Other" in the drop down menu to create a DoFollow URL and add your anchor text.  Do the same for your Blog and an additional URL if applicable.

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization


    Once you have completed this step the URL's will show up in your profile as seen below.

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization


    4. Add Content

    Google thinks very highly of the content that is shared from LinkedIn so use this to your advantage and start publishing to LinkedIn with your latest Blog and relevant links to your site, but don't spam or include your Twitter feed. I know a lot of people post all of their tweets to their LI profile, but we do NOT recommend this as it will dilute the value of your relevant content to your connections.  We typically post 1-2 blog articles per day to our profile and save the rest for selective groups.

    LinkedIn Optimization


    Now that you have these tips  - Go and optimize your profile. LinkedIn is a valuable resource within your business's social media strategy and is a great channel to drive qualified leads, so take advantage and optimize just like you would your website.


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    If you have some additional tips to add for the readers, please add them in the comments section below.  We would love to hear your ideas!

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