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    Blogging is Like SEX!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    If you don't do it right, it isn't enjoyable

    It all starts with a great title. And didn't you start reading this article because of the title?


    Blogging is the cornerstone for most inbound marketing campaigns as it is the most effective channel to generate traffic and leads with. In this article we are going show you some awesome stats and make some points as to why your business should be blogging. 


    We all want more traffic to visit! Stop paying for PPC, SEO, and start paying for content or simply write it yourself. Blogging is the most cost efficient and easiest way to boost your site’s SEO especially with Google’s release of the new Panda updates to the Penguin search algorithm in March. The black hat tactics of using link farms and keyword stuffing are a thing of the past unless you want to be sandboxed by Google.  Blogging for SEO is the wave of the future. Blog now. Blog often.

    Lead Generation

    When 78% of companies that blog daily are acquiring customers from their blog I think it is time to get started. Blogging is the easiest way to generate leads as long as you have clear Call's to Action within your blog article.  Many new bloggers don't insert CTA's into their blogs which I don't get. Here is a great article about generating leads via your blog.


    Blogging Lead Generation

    This is your cost of customer acquistion. Blogging is the perfect option to lower your COCA and to maximize your profitability. A lead generated via inbound marketing costs 66% less than a lead generated via traditional outbound marketing.  I don't know about you, but I like the sound of lowering my COCA.

    Once you have started to produce blog articles then you can also leverage the power of social media to start publishing your blogs. Utilizing Twitter to publish links to your most recent blog articles will not only help with traffic and leads, but will also spark engagement and conversation. Once you have started to enagage with your social community your authority will rise quickly.

    Blogging Frequency Impacts Customer Acquisition

    customer acquisition

    Now that you can see the benefits of blogging for your business, be sure you optimize each post for SEO, create a content calendar to keep the ideas flowing, stay on track, and be consistent.

    Last tip:  Post your blogs in the morning around 10:00am each day.

    Blog reading peaks


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