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    Answer These 18 Questions To Kick Start Your Email Marketing

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Analyze Your Email Marketing Campaigns

    Yesterday we wrote about Why Your Email Signature Needs Social Media.  Today we are going to look in the mirror and ask ourselves 10 questions that if answered honestly will improve your next email marketing campaign. Email marketing has been around longer than inbound marketing so let's do some spring cleaning to your process and tactics to increase your open rates, engagement, and lead generation.

    Now, you need to print out a copy of this article. Walk into the nearest bathroom and read these questions while looking in the mirror.  We don't recommend using lipstick to take notes on the mirror, although if you do please send a pic.


    1. Do you have an email marketing strategy?  What is your primary goal of your email marketing?
    2. When was the last time you checked your List Segmentation?
    3. Have your built your Buying Personas? Your personas should be used within your List Segmentation.
    4. Do you have social sharing buttons in each email? Your social reach and that of your followers is much larger than your email list.
    5. Are you testing? Or are you afraid of what the results may show? 
    6. Is your content designed to promote your company or is it designed to create and add value for your customers?
    7. Where are your Call's to Action?  Could they be placed in a better location that will increase your CTR?
    8. How many CTA's are in each email?  Limit your CTA's to three. Don't confuse your reader by including too many.
    9. Do your CTA's link to your homepage or to a Landing Page?
    10. When was the last time you updated your template?  Your list may not read your emails because they think it is repetitive content based on the layout.  Mix it up.
    11. Are you sending your emails from a personal email address? I am a customer and I don't read emails from "Sales@", "Info@", "NoReply@".
    12. Are you satisfied with your Open and Clickthrough Rates?  You shouldn't be.  We can always analyze, iterate, and improve.
    13. Have you researched your competitors email marketing campaigns? You should be on their list.
    14. How much time do you spend on the Title of each email? Double this time to increase your open rate.  A compelling title that connects with your Segmented Buying Personas will increase your open rate.
    15. Have you sent targeted emails with different titles and content to each of your segments or are you sending one campaign to your entire list?
    16. When was the last time you contacted inactive subscribers directly or enrolled them in a re-capturing campaign. They had interest in you at one time. Let's peek that interest again.
    17. Do you reward your loyal subscribers? Track their engagement and reward them to get a bigger share of their wallet.
    18. Can you do better?  We can all do better!
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