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    Why Your Email Signature Needs Social Media

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Why Your Email Marketing Needs to Be Social


    Email marketing
    is an inexpensive and effective way to generate leads, but it is limited to the size of your list and unless your content is exceptionally compelling, probably not shared very much. Incorporating social media into your email marketing will increase your reach beyond your email list size and will benefit your social media strategy for your business.

    Let’s get started with your email signature.  Most signatures we see do not have social media buttons below your pertinent contact information.  Think about how many emails you send out daily or weekly.  Every email you send is an opportunity to connect with that person in your social network and increase your social reach.

    Including links to your most recent blog articles is also a good way to promote your blog while providing value to your contact.  The blog article titles need to be targeted to your contact base and provide value to your contacts for them to click and engage. Since we are trying to be social be sure that you have social media buttons that can be easily found once the contact has reached your blog.

    Email Marketing Signature

    The example on my signature above includes our primary social channels and four of our most recent blog articles.  There is already a lot going on in this signature so we did not want to include additional buttons like Pinterest, YouTube, or Foursquare as we believe we can connect easier and create more value for our contacts with the blog articles.  

    Since we produce a new blog article daily it is easy to keep the content fresh, but we only update the signature once a week with the latest articles. This is a manual proces that takes about 5-10 to complete.  An RSS Feed would be awesome to include the blog feed into an email signature, so if you know how to accomplish this let us know.

    Another key element that has helped our conversion rates from our email signature is the Call to Action that ties into each social media button within the signature.  "Let's connect" and "Get to really know us" creates a personal touch with your contact that will increase the likelyhood of them following you opposed to just having the button.

    Exclusive content via our Blog implies to the contact that they will have "exclusive access" to meaningful information if they subscribe to your blog. This should be true as long and you are not in a practice of posting duplicate content on other blogs, which you shouldn't be anyways.

    The bottom line is that many people outside of the marketing world don't take advatange of their email signature by including social media buttons.  When you include them take it a step farther than just the buttons and make it engaging for your contact to want to join your community.  If you really want go crazy then include a link, screen shot, or photo to a landing page with a personal video.  Gary Vaynerchuk does this and it is fantastic. Check out his Thank You Landing Page.  If you elect to go this route you may want to change the context of the message as we all don't have the stature of Gary.

    Image credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Danilo Rizzuti


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