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    Blog Frequency Impacts Customer Acquisition & SEO Help!

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    66% of Blogs That Post Weekly Have Acquired a Customer

    If you are a subscriber to this blog then this may seem redundant, but we cannot emphasize enough how important blogging is to your sites SEO as well as impacting customer acquisition.  There is a reason that Google has updated their search algorithm and made significant changes to place more weight on content and social sharing.  I am not going to say content is king, but it would fit nicely.


    Source: State of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, March 2012


    This is a very interesting piece of information from HubSpot. If I am a business owner that doesn't blog, I am looking at this data and thinking that I need to start a blog.  Even I only blog once a week I have  66% chance of acquiring a new customer.

    Let's break this down

    • An average blog post only takes an hour to write
    • 66% of these bloggers have acquired a customer vis their blog
    • My time is worth $___.__ per hour
    • My Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) is $___.__
    • A new customer is worth $___.__ to my business
    • Starting a blog costs me $0.00

    Why would you not start a blog with these stats?

    Starting a blog is fairly easy, even for those not in the know. Simply go to WordPress and select a template that matches your current website. Now locate a millennial (someone under the age of 30) on your staff and ask them if they can help you set it up. If you don't have a millennial then watch this slide show for step by step instructions on how set up a blog on WordPress. This should take you less than 30 minutes to get up and running.

    Now here is the key for SEO Help. You need to create sub domain to host your blog on.  Do not host on WordPress or any other free Blogging site or you will not get the SEO help you are looking for. You may need a little help from your webmaster to set up the sub domain if you have never set one up before.  If you think you can handle it (it isn't that difficult), below are the instructions.

    subdomain set up for WordPress

    Source: WordPress

    Once you have your sub domain, you are good to start blogging. By using a sub domain to host on your site you will get all the benefits of SEO as you blog. As you start blogging and creating additional content you will want to optimize it for search. Here is a great article on Blogging for SEO that will help you get started with optimizing each blog article for Google's new Penguin algorithm.

    If you decide that your are going to blog more than once a week or even kick it up to 5-7 times per week then you should probably look into using a content calendar to organize your blog titles, keywords, dates, and meta descriptions.  You can donwload our FREE Content Calendar from the right sidebar of this blog.


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